The Best Cyber Security Certifications to Boost Your Career


The biggest war today has nothing to do with nuclear energy or atomic bombs. It has everything to do with internet security and protection from cybercriminals who would want to obtain unauthorized information by pretense or gain forceful entry into secured information repositories.

In fact, this year alone, over 1 billion people have had their personal information hacked by these criminals. Notable internet giants like Yahoo, Facebook, and LinkedIn all have experienced an advanced breach of information.

Who is safe from cybercriminals? With the surge in criminal activities, companies are on high alert and have gone to the extent of hiring their own cybersecurity professionals. These officers are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that there is neither unauthorized intrusion into an organization’s website nor preying on any other information.

As such, Internet Security professionals are in high demand. So, what are the best cybersecurity certifications to boost your career?

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

This course outlines the process of being a hacker and dissects the thought process of a hacker. By understanding how a hacker thinks and acts, CEH professionals are capable of neutralizing or even completely locking the average hacker out of the system.

In this course, they learn about the latest vulnerabilities and tactics to contain cybercrime. Additionally, learners get to understand the information security laws and standards.

Certified Information system security professional (CISSP)

This valuable course offered by the International Information system security certification consortium is one of the hottest in the market. Companies are increasingly seeking to protect their networks, servers and software. You stand to learn digital forensics, system security, software development, and healthcare security.

Before one sits the CISSP, you would be required to have at least three years of related work experience. After passing this exam, professionals could earn an average of $150,000 annually.

GIAC security essentials credentials (GSEC)

If you want to become proficient in several aspects of cybersecurity, then this is the right course for you. Here, you will get to study security features like Authentication, Network mapping, and Password Management. Additionally, you will learn about Linus, Domain Name Servers and Network security.

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

This is one of those prestigious IT courses in the market. Averagely, it takes one at least five years to complete the course and sit a thorough examination. Professionals who attain this prestigious standard of Internet security are hunted by big organizations and are said to take home about $160,000 annually.

In this course, you will learn about Information Security Management, Information Security Risk Management, and Compliance. Another skill to be learned here is the Information Security Program Development and Management.

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

This global certification puts learners on a high-demand path where blue-chip companies are able to notice them and recruit them. The course requires that the learners must possess at least three years experience in the Information System security field.

Obtaining certification would mean that examiners are satisfied with your capacity to audit information systems, identify and manage threats and vulnerabilities affecting the big enterprises.

This prestigious course involves learning about the protection of ICT technology, Information Systems Audit, and Information systems Management.