Beginner Online Classes to Learn Data Science on Your Own Time


Data Science is becoming a critical player in the business environment by the day. Companies are looking to have valuable data that can help them increase their capacity and also become more targeted. At the core of this invention is the data scientist.

Data scientists have quite a number of functions to perform. With their background in computer science, statistics and math, data scientists’ role are amazingly trending right now.

While at the individual level data scientists have a source of decent livelihood and an enjoyable career, at the organization level, they generate valuable data used in decision-making. These are some of the top beginner online classes to learn data science on your own time.

  1. Codecademy’s SQL & Python

Codecademy is one of the most successful online platforms for free coding lessons. You could learn programming languages like Python and SQL among the others free of charge. SQL is so critical that all data scientists understand how it is applied. Learning Python will take you at least 25 hours while SQL takes 7 hours.

  1. Free Introduction to data science by Udemy

Since its inception in 2010, Udemy has evolved over the years and now offers a total of 80,000 online courses. But key among these is its free Data Science course using Python. This covers the basic introduction of data science and its integration with Python.

This course takes 12 lectures compressed in just 2.5 hours.

  1. Udemy’s Introduction to machine learning for data science.

In this course, you are introduced to machine learning and how it works. The other areas of learning are the programming data, computer science, algorithms, and big data. Learning this 41-lecture course will cost only $150, and take you only 3 hours.

  1. Coursera Machine learning

Coursera offers a machine learning course and offers a certificate to that effect. Coursera’s courses happen to be widely accepted by organizations since its launch in 2012. Various universities have since partnered with Coursera to offer online courses and examine the students.

In this specific course, you are assured of an opportunity to understand machine learning from the experts themselves. Similarly, you will get to know where machine learning and data science meet.

  1. Udacitys Programming for data science

You could learn the basic programming necessary for the interpretation and analysis of data. With its nano degree programs, you could have a more qualitative online class experience where you could ask questions and join forums and learn from industry trendsetters.

Value of learning data science online

By learning to analyze data, you acquire the capacity to determine consumers’ taste and preferences and suggest to the management this information for action. This enables firms to stay on top of the industry trends.

Data scientists also greatly reduce the risks that threaten a firm’s survival. Through the use of statistical algorithms, detections of fraud and data manipulation area made easy. Alerts can then be raised before extensive damage is done.

This data also helps to understand customers at a personal level and give them a tailored approach based on their individual preferences.