Tech Careers You Can Go After Without a Special Degree

tech career

With everything moving with the rhythm of the tech wave, more and more jobs are created along the way. These jobs are so lucrative that millions of people, either as freelancers or employed continue to make a living and thrive from them.

But, sticking like a sore thumb is the elusive process of getting a job. Not so with these tech jobs. I’ll tell you how.

The tech industry is blossoming with each passing day. In fact, millions of positions are created daily all over the world, and you do not need a college degree to get your hands on these plum jobs.

  1. Social Media Manager

According to Glassdoor, Social Media Managers take home an average of $54,000 per year.  For this job, you just need to be tech-savvy and a people person. Additionally, you will need to learn about social media metrics and post scheduling tools like Buffer.

Additional requirements for the Social Media Manager are knowledge of A/B testing and excellent communication and optimization skills.

  1. Digital Strategist

If big data makes you tick, then this job is the best fit for you. A digital strategist/analyst’s job is pretty well cut out for them. Provided you love figures and understand the process of using data to generate potent proposals, you are well into the business.

Businesses take strategists so seriously that their input largely informs the decisions often made about the future of the business. As a strategist, you will have to develop exquisite research and communications skills.  You will also need great planning and strategy skills to translate your findings into workable step-by-step actions. Glassdoor pegs their annual salary at $69,000.

  1. Customer support

As long as you have the qualities of problem-solving, great communication skills, and you take pride in solving people’s problems, you need to check this out. Even with a high school level, you should crack this.  Either as a part-time job or on a full-time basis, you could earn up to $42,898 per year.

This job involves fewer technical skills and involves more soft skills that, if mastered, are sure to help you rise pretty fast up the ranks to a more rewarding career in tech.

  1. Junior Developer

If you have been coding just for fun, this is the right spot to get your feet wet in readiness for the big dig sometime later in your career. So what do you need to get these jobs? Proficiency in the following programming languages will give you the much-needed boost to get these jobs.

  • Experience in Git and Github
  • PHP, Python and Ruby
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • HTML & CSS

The beauty with these skills is that you do not necessarily have to enroll for a college degree to acquire these skills, but you may just take a few weeks or months and you are good to go. Junior programmers earn approximately $60,930 yearly.

  1. Visual Designer

The visual designer’s job is generally to add a unique voice and image to the business. They have to possess a strong interest in graphic design and understand the User interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).

The visual designer’s salary is $87,000 yearly. The fun part of this job is you do not require a college degree to get this job. All you need to get inside this lucrative industry is a great portfolio. This will market you even better than a mere college degree certificate would.

Similarly, there are a host of avenues to learn this skill before you get the job or even on the job. As long as Google is up and running, the world is your oyster!