How to Translate Your Tech Skills to Any Industry

Tech Skills

Skills as we know, are abilities which once honed and put to constant use, remain with a person. The same can be said of tech skills, which are in high demand in today’s world. But what if as a person with these tech skills, you want to work outside of the enclosed tech space (comprising of tech companies and startups), and want to explore other industries? You may be bothered about the need to entirely learn new skills in other to fit into other industries, but this need not be, as your tech skills can still very much come in handy.

In moving from tech companies to other industries, you first need to know which of the industries would be in need of your skill, among which include; Healthcare, Education, and Finance. Furthermore, you’ll need to recognize the specific in-demand roles in each of these industries and how your skills and expertise can be of value.


The advancement in technology over the years has greatly impacted the medical processes and the practices of healthcare professionals across the world. It has ushered in developments such as; Telemedicine, electronic medical records, improved communication, availability of big data and information, thus creating more opportunities for people involved in tech. Among the opportunities provides include:

  • Data Analysis

If you are into data, then you can secure yourself a role as a data analyst to evaluate, compile and validate large data sets of healthcare information. This information will include patient health data, industry data and every other kind of data used in the healthcare industry. Your required skill set will include:

  • Experience working with machine learning applications.
  • Proficiency with data analysis tools like SAS.
  • Experience and an excellent grasp of statistical analysis.


  • Systems Administration

With your tech skills in this area, you will be handling the responsibility of keeping complex computer and phone systems up, running and secure. Your required skill set will include:

  • Knowledge of network administration best practices.
  • Experience with server installation maintenance, and infrastructure.



The integration of technology into financial services has brought about a high increase in financial transactions made (through mobile apps and online payments), and ultimately increased the number of available jobs in this industry. Among the opportunities provided include:

  • Software Development

If you have the skills as a software developer (whether Java or Mobile Apps), then you can work towards securing a role in this industry, as your expertise is in high demand in most financial institutions. Your required skill set will include:

  • Familiarity with technologies like SQL, CSS, or HTML.
  • Experience working with frameworks like Hibernate or Spring.
  • Working knowledge of Android or iOS development languages.


The educational sector is not left out of the technology revolution, as it provides the platform for people with tech skills to use them in the industry to help people learn. Among the opportunities provided include:

  • UX Designing

As a UX (User Experience) designer, you’ll be required to make teaching and learning effective by enabling it to be instructive, intuitive and at the same time, fun. Your required skillset will include:

  • Proven ability to translate business goals into digital experiences.
  • Experience designing or helping design user experiences.
  • Experience with responsive and mobile design.

Mentioned here are just a few of the numerous opportunities for people with tech skills, who want to put their skills to use in other industries. You can do well to explore other available options and choose that which suits you best.