How Today’s Developers Are Learning to Code

learning to code

Compared to years ago, there are several media through which developers can learn programming languages or work to improve their coding skills.

According to research, a very small number of schools are presently offering computer science courses. This naturally will lead to programming-oriented individuals trying to seek out other means of learning how to code. This explains why a lot of programmers are learning to code in unconventional ways.

They Teach Themselves

The vast majority of developers claim that they learned to code on their own, somehow. Some of the ways through which they did this are highlighted below;

  1. Reading popular programming blogs. Recommended blogs include Joel on Software and Coding Horror.
  2. Reading programming books.
  3. Downloading and exploring free online resources, such as Code Academy and Bento.
  4. Taking part in online coding communities.
  5. Watching video coding tutorials.
  6. Joining their peers and mentors to share ideas on coding.
  7. Creating their own websites, apps, or another project to practice their coding.

When looking for candidates for your vacant technology role, it is advisable that you consider self-taught programmers and IT experts. Checking out only programmers who have academic qualifications is tantamount to shutting oneself from the large array of highly skilled and diligent programmers.

They Receive On-The-Job Training

Nearly half of the developers we reviewed reported that they built themselves through hands-on preparing. Often times, this type of training is executed through pair programming, in which a rookie programmer and an experienced one are paired together.

It is sometimes difficult for companies to spend money on staff training but it is always more economical to train up an employee using this method rather than to let go of them. Developers want to build something that is imaginative and critical, so giving them the proper training to do so can keep them upbeat and engaged.

They Take Online Courses

A large number of developers are learning to programme with the help of online courses. The duration of these courses varies, depending on a combination of several factors. Also, the cost is not constant. Duration can be range between a week and three months and the cost can be as low as $30-a-week and $20000 per three-months as the case may be. Developers who completed online courses typically have excellent project and time management skills and often are highly motivated.

They Participate in A Full-Time Program, Such as A Coding Boot Camp

While a lot of programmers and developers receive their training by taking online courses and through mentors. Quite a few have also resorted to undertaking full-time boot camp. Boot camps help the developers to get total hands-on training through intensive tutorials and a series of practical activities. Also, the programmers will have the opportunity to get career guidance from the teachers. Several boot camps also ensure that the participants have the opportunity to showcase their skills to potential employers who usually come around to scout for talented developers who may then be employed.