How to Transform Yourself from a Fresher to an Expert SAP Consultant

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Becoming a well-versed SAP consultant is not an easy task. You have to be committed, hardworking, reliable and be ready to sacrifice in order to be an expert SAP consultant. There is no other way; this is the only way. If you think that getting an SAP certification will turn you into an expert, you are wrong. What SAP certification will give you is, perhaps, the opportunity to be more marketable, it does not really increase your chances of cutting it like a seasoned SAP consultant.

Below is a list of some of the qualities required to become an expert SAP consultant.

Good Education

Just as it applies to any knowledge-based profession, a solid education is fundamental if you want to become an expert SAP consultant. That is, you should know that education does not end when you finish college or obtain your MBA. You must also enroll in a lot of professional courses. Go for tough and new ones, as these will not only enhance your resume but also push you towards learning new skills which will help you in your career.

Business Process Knowledge

Business Process Knowledge is simply an understanding of the process that surrounds each business activity or item. It is different from company to company within the industry and it involves words such as trial balance, balance sheet, standard cost, petty cash, purchase order and so on. In short, it can be likened to the register for a particular process in the business. It is important for you to know these words and what they imply. A good command of these terms will help you to advance your career.

Configuration Skills

This is highly important if you want to be a successful SAP consultant. You must have very good configuration skills. Your knowledge of configuration should also not just be restricted to the project at hand, you must try to know the consequences on the end user. The more you do hands-on configuration of the business process and end user document, the more the experience you get. It is, therefore, necessary for you to practice very well and try to explore the different options in the system.

SAP Help

This is indispensable and you must endeavor to go through it as often as possible as this would greatly help in improving your knowledge. The SAP Help is written with clarity by accomplished and experienced professionals and although it is quite bulky, you must be able to sacrifice time to read it so that you can get requisite knowledge that will develop you.


Having a vast knowledge of the profession is only as good as being able to maintain a professional network. It is expected that you have a LinkedIn account and your details – which will include your education, skills, achievements, etc. – must always be up-to-date.

Sharing Knowledge

You must be willing to share your knowledge with others and also be receptive to the ideas and opinions of other people. If you do not do this, the knowledge you think you have will become obsolete and outdated.

Communication Skills

Communication is very essential in consultancy services. Your communication skills will to a very large extent determine whether you will succeed or not. You must be well versed in business and technical languages. You must be able to communicate effectively with your clients and fellow consultants because it is necessary that these people get the ideas that you are trying to convey.