Skills Required to Become a Good Software Tester: Learn and Get Hired


Software testing is an integral aspect in the life cycle of software. It is really important for software to be tested in an environment similar to that of the end users so that it can be ascertained whether the software meets the requirements and demands of the end users. Nowadays, software companies conduct tests on software after each phase so as to be able to detect any bug early and save money and effort that would be consumed if the bug were to be detected at a later stage. It has always been difficult to get testers but never has it been this difficult, and with software testing increasingly growing in importance due to end users requesting for user-friendly and flawless applications, it has become very necessary to get skilled software testers.

Below are some of the skills required to make a good software tester.

Communication Skills

Good testers must be able to communicate effectively and also be good listeners. They must be able to convey their ideas in clear written and oral forms. They have to communicate with software developers before, during and after a project and they are expected to present test reports, plans and cases which can be easily understood by readers.

Domain Knowledge

Testers should have a sound understanding of the software, even if they are not domain experts it is this knowledge that will help them to detect difficulties that a user might encounter while using the application. They must be able to distinguish between minor and serious issues and present errors in order of complexity.

Desire to Learn

It is essential for testers to be willing to learn. Technology keeps on evolving and testers must be on the lookout for new tools for their jobs. They must learn to master how to use these new tools because it will greatly help in making their jobs faster and more efficient. In addition, they must also find out about the adverse effects of these new tools and how to circumvent them.

Technical Skills

A good software tester should be good at coding as it will help them to understand the application and develop a better working relationship with the developers. Technical skills in MS Office and testing tools are also a bonus. These skills can be mastered through constant practice and training.

Analytical Skills

Testers should not only be able to detect errors. They are expected to be able to analyze and break complex systems into simple units.


It is necessary to plan ahead so that the testing process can be carried out in the correct manner and no aspect will be omitted or overlooked. Also, it is important for the report to be properly planned so that it will be presented in the proper way, that is in the order of the priority of the bugs.


The priority of the bugs detected must be correct. The report presented should shoe the bugs in various categories based on their level of priority.


A software has a number of domains with each having its own peculiarity, therefore, it behooves the testers to understand the domain being tested. They should also be eager to learn about the complexity and requirements of the domains.

Think from the Users’ Perspective

The software is built for people to use. If the software does not meet the users’ requirements, then it is a failure. You must understand that customers do not have the technical skills you have and keeping this in mind will help you to detect important errors.

Be a Good Judge of Your Product

Question yourself on whether the software meets the requirements/purpose it is being built for. Doing this will help you observe if there are certain bugs you have failed to spot.