6 Best Android App Development Frameworks You Should Use

android frameworks

It has often been said that it takes a longer time to develop android apps than iOS apps. This could be true if platform fragmentation is taken into consideration. However, there are a lot of resourceful development frameworks which helps in developing apps quickly even if you are not an expert developer.

If you are interested in knowing these frameworks, then read on. This article highlights the six development frameworks for android app development.

  1. Corona SDK

The Corona SDK was developed in 2009 and offers a great development framework for creating applications for Android, iOS, MacOS and a lot of other OS. Lua coding serves as the basis for this framework, which enables the developers to fuse their Lua code and assets into Android Studio works for building their applications.

  1. AppsBuilder

AppsBuilder is a platform which allows the developer to build applications on several OS including Android, iOS, and so on without necessarily having great coding skills. The framework is very easy to use and produces good results but it also has quite a number of flaws. You have to understand the process. The good news is that there are numerous online sites to get detailed knowledge about the process.

  1. Dojo Mobile

This is an HTML5 framework which provides a wide range of tools that can be used to build internet-based applications for Blackberry, iPhone and most importantly, Android. The tools usually perform optimally with WebKit-based browsers such as chrome, firefox, safari, etc. because they rely a lot on CSS3 attributes. They will, however, still function on browsers without CSS3 features but the app will be devoid of special effects such as animation. The framework is also useful in the development of low-capacity apps which can be utilized in places where phones with limited RAM are common.

  1. Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium uses a single JavaScript codebase. The framework allows for the development of mobile applications that cut across different platforms by making use of a great deal of the initial code. An advantage of using the Appcelerator platform is that the developed app can make use of in-built features on the phone to optimize its performance.

  1. JQuery Mobile

This is a framework that was developed to work well with a large range of phones and computers. It can also be combined with a number of other mobile app development frameworks such as Worklight and PhoneGap. It is used mainly for the development of applications for Android, Blackberry, WebOS and so on, which are tailor-made to suit the user’s specific needs. Developers who are already conversant with jQuery coding will find it easy to use.

  1. PhoneGap

Just like the Dojo Mobile framework, PhoneGap is also an open-source application framework which allows you to develop mobile applications with a host of wen development technologies which include HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is very fast and you can finish the development of an app in a matter of minutes.