Steps to Becoming an Advanced WooCommerce Developer


Becoming your own WooCommerce authority and developing a prosperous career means you no longer have to pursue clients as they will reach out to you instead. These steps will allow you to become a member of a limited group of advanced freelancers and agencies that solely work with WooCommerce clients and aren’t afraid to spend a little more for quality work.

Why Become a WooCommerce Expert and What Is It?

Becoming a WooCommerce expert allows you the opportunity to find your niche and work exclusively with it while raising your rates as the quality of your work improves. A WooCommerce expert is knowledgeable of how many hours goes into a specific task, CSS and PHP personalization SEO, scaling, troubleshooting, integration, project management, and their overall WooCommerce performance.

Advanced WooCommerce comprises of reaching the minimum viable product, also known as MVP in business language, and choosing your specialty. You cannot become a WooCommerce expert if you do not take the time to read and learn about coding, troubleshooting, and many more MVP tasks. Only once you’ve learned about the MVP can you select a niche in which you operate best.

Becoming a WooCommerce Expert in 5 Steps

By now you know the MVP is extremely important, and once passing the MVP “exam” is when things become more manageable, especially within your niche. The steps below are essential to getting into the MVP and inside the world of Advanced WooCommerce.

  1. Mastering Troubleshooting: Becoming a master at WooCommerce troubleshooting consists of you speculating the origin of the issue. To avoid most troubleshooting problems that waste time and money, do not update plugins and themes without experimenting with it first. Do not copy and paste snippets from websites you’re unsure about, and don’t install outdated WooCommerce plugins.
  2. Study: To become an expert, you must read and study master project management and the theory to learn about the errors you should avoid making. Learn WordPress basics as WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. After learning the basics for WordPress, study WooCommerce docs, settings, and many more basic functions.
  3. Learn WooCommerce Coding: Reverse-engineer the plugin to know how it’s constructed, developed, and coded. As much time as this must take, you will undoubtedly become wiser if you download the WooCommerce plugin, open all the files, and learn the coding and language.
  4. WooCommerce Hooks: Learn how to manage WooCommerce customization if you’re looking to enhance your skills and increase your rates by knowing WooCommerce hooks, snippets, and templates. Seeing examples of other snippets and echoing it to make it more intricate will also help to learn to code faster.
  5. Complete WooCommerce Knowledge: Get acquainted with the third-party integrations, hosting, themes, SSL, SEO, analytics, currencies, languages, and many, many more. It’s vital to know which plugins are considered useful or weak and how to associate with third-party software like email marketing, POS, invoicing, etc. It’s inevitable to lack expertise in some areas of WooCommerce, but this will, at least, let you know where to send clients.

Get Started

The process of becoming a WooCommerce expert is lengthy and tedious, but it’s crucial to learn all these steps to avoid years of confusion through trial and error. To become a WooCommerce expert, you cannot skip any of the steps above, but this article will save you months of figuring out what to study.