5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Coding in Their Lives


Coding is a way of writing a set of instruction, called source code, for a computer to perform. It is the same as computer programming. The smooth running of applications and websites depend on the programmer’s instructions.

Because technology and computers have dominated most aspect of our lives, we need to control how it shapes our future. Below are five reasons why coding is needed in everyone’s life:

  1. Coding is Fun!

Coding is undeniably fun. The inquisitiveness of people who love the creativity that could change the world led to most of the free and prominent open source projects which drive the Web and Internet today. These people have made a name for themselves and are now among the most popular names in the world today.

One of such people is Linus Torvalds, the man who invented Linux kernel in 1991. It is interesting to know that this project started as a hobby. In today’s market, cloud and web servers, data centers which make websites accessible as well as an android operating system all run on Linux.

  1. Coding is for all Ages

Coding is fun for both children and adults. It is not uncommon to find coders who are less than ten years old. One of such, Yuma Soerianto began coding when he was just six years old. Today, at 11, five of the apps he developed are already in the App Store!

At the other end of the spectrum is Masako Wakamiya, an 82-year-old Japanese lady who started to code last year. She has already gone on to become the record holder for the oldest app developer in the world.

  1. Coding Promotes Equality

Coding is not specific to any particular sex, age or nationality. In 1842, the world’s very first computer program, written for Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine was written by a woman, Ada Lovelace. The program was used to calculate a sequence of Bernoulli numbers with a valid algorithm.

In the 1960s when racism and sexism were rampant, Margaret Hamilton became NASA’s first black female software engineer and coded the software that launched the Apollo 11 first manned mission to the moon.

Parisa Tabriz, an Iranian-Polish-American computer security expert, known in the tech industry as “Google’s Security Princess” searched and removed all bugs to prevent illegal hackings.

  1. Coding is a Must-Have Job Skill

Ask yourself after reading these facts “Is coding a must-learn skill for seeking jobs or career change?”

Coding skill is fast-becoming popular because it applies to other lines of work and it increases the probability of getting hired.

  1. Coding Fuels the Start-up Revolution

No sophisticated set-up is needed in order to code; the only requirements being hard work and passion for success. Some of the world’s biggest IT companies including Facebook, Microsoft, Google and so on began in the founders’ garages or dorm rooms, where their ideals were transformed into products through coding.


These are some of the benefits, and reasons why learning to code is essential. If you aren’t familiar with coding yet, it is not too late for you to start now. You will definitely be glad you did.