Restore Your CV: Tips for Every Data Scientist

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Resumes are not easy to create and require special dedication and vocabulary besides previous job accomplishments and skills. Your resume should stand out and leave other resumes in the shadow. You must remember that simplicity is the key to everything. This applies here as well.

You will be considered for an interview if your resume contains small but powerful details that make a significant difference in the eyes of hiring managers. Unfortunately creating this type of resume can be quite challenging in the data science world and requires more than choosing a font.

First things first. You have to find out your audience. Take in mind that if you are applying on a website for a spot and if that company is medium to large then your resume will fall into the hands of an Application tracking system or also known as ATS.

There are tips for crafting your CV so perfectly that it will get past the applicant tracking system for sure.

Apply simple fonts like Arial or Calibri. Do not use decorative elements or excessive formatting.

You already know that ATS looks for keywords connected to the job so fulfill it with the right keywords. Use relevant and suitable ones for the job.

Let your resume be boring but rich with keywords.

All this does not apply if you are sending your CV via email. This means that your CV will fall right on the HR department desk. This is the time when you use your creativity.

Headings are really important and they call the attention right away. There are a few more sections that have to be mentioned. Experience and projects you have previously worked on are the first ones. These are included in every resume but are crucial for the recruiter and you as well. Certifications, education, and skills follow.

Experience – the best data scientist they seek. HR recruiters do not want to see work experience that is older than five years. They want to see the present you and they want to see relevant information. The experience is the focal point on your CV and you should include the period, the companies, the titles and all of your accomplishments there.

Education – bold background. Include every year of your education. This section is also very important especially for people who are recent graduates. Include relevant details.

Certifications – a sign of improvement. Certifications help a lot especially if they are relevant for the position. Every HR recruiter seeks passion in employees and further interest in professional training. These are proof that you are willing to learn something new all the time.

Skills you own. Do not include irrelevant skills at any cost. Write down only those that are included in the job description. After all, only those skills matter. Drop the soft skills and input the technical skills.

Projects – capable of solving many tasks. Hiring managers are not interested in the possible solution and are not interested in the problem as well. Include only projects in which you successfully solved a business problem. This will get you the points.

Publications – your passion. Written articles about data science tell a lot about your passion. Articles usually express ideas through a clear and efficient manner so, better highlight a few of them.

Hobbies and interests – tell more about your character. This section is unfortunately often neglected. Do not make the same mistake and write about the hobbies that deliver something about you.

The perfect cover letter

Your cover letter should be as simple as your resume. Less is more applies here as well. A lot of people google cover letters on the internet and end up using the same typical cover letter format. This is wrong because recruiters are tired of reading the same thing over and over again. Recruiters will think that you are lazy and incapable of writing your cover letter. Cover letter from the internet will damage your path and won’t bring any success to your doorstep. Here is a cover letter example you can use:

Dear hiring manager:

With great pleasure I would like to apply to the position of ______________. As you can see, my CV with detailed information about my experience is attached. Your job posting seems interesting to me and is quite challenging at the same time. Meanwhile, (include the company name) appears to be the perfect place for me because it will allow me to learn and promote my career. Whenever you are free, it would be my pleasure to sit down and have a conversation about the projects, tools, and equipment that are being used.

If there are any questions about me or my CV you can always contact me by email or phone.

Thank you for your time,

(Your name)

Natural and appealing words, right? Try not to look like a robot and do not use the first cover letter that pops up on the internet.