Outside Activities Can Help You Get a Digital Technology Job

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Today’s technology employers do not seek the usual things in employees. If you are unemployed and you want to gain your first or maybe your next digital technology job then you must know that employers will want to know about your extracurricular activities.

To put it differently, besides the requirements in the job description employers want to know about your free time as well. Employers want to see if you are creative, crafty, how do you spend your free time and how do you train and nurture your skills.

Nowadays the economy is changing pretty fast and industries require up to date state. The latest technology trends and developments are important in this field so this is why you should keep up with them. You should dedicate and devote your time to remain current in the technology industry. This will bring you advantages as well. You can improve your state at your current position or you can discover and put yourself on new opportunities.

Extracurricular activities are the activities that will help you keep your skills up to date but like everything else in life, their implementation is tricky so it requires few tips.

Presence at different events/ Speaking up at different Events

How do we find out about the newest trends? We find out about the newest trends by clicking on different websites, yes, but all of the articles are about events that promote or present something new. So, industry events are the first thing you should consider attending. Every event is different and brings different knowledge. The speakers are not the same as well as the topics. You can gain a lot of expertise and you can learn something new out of each one.

Get to know the people present at these events and make a connection with the speakers or your colleagues. You can even become a speaker if you are confident enough and if you are an expert in your field. Share your ideas and your knowledge. Do not be afraid.

Bond at a meet- up

More things can help you for sure. For example, it has been proven that workshops, conferences, and meetups are also abundant in information about the latest technologies and trends.

Meetups, for example, are smaller but at the same time equally helpful. In short, words, meetups are smaller events in which recruiters, employers, and tech professionals gather to share their ideas and discuss different innovations, challenges, and solutions. Start a conversation with them. New friends who by the way are tech lovers can bring you a lot of advantages.

Sign up in an online community

Online communities are homes to millions of tech experts from all over the world. Dissimilar experiences and expertise can be found over there and at the same time, you will be able to collaborate and share ideas. I suggest you go and open Stack Overflow or GitHub. They have good members and well-written content.

Participate in a hackathon

Your programming skills can easily be picked up by participating in a hackathon. These events are usually sponsored by big-name companies so there is your chance of being spotted.

It is not important what do you choose as long as you choose something from the list above. Use these advantages to secure a tech position thus improve your career.