Developers Should Avoid 10 Dangerous Habits

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Software developers are regular humans and regular humans make mistakes all the time. After all, humans learn from mistakes and mistakes are the things that make humans stronger and better. Unfortunately, these mistakes are born out of a couple of habits that ultimately can be bad, can cause a lot of difficulties and do not make people better and stronger.

There are 10 habits that not only software developers but also the best software developers practice and according to evidence, their avoidance is necessary.

Breaks – Software developers do not take enough breaks, they easily burn thus lower their productivity levels. Not taking enough breaks is a bad thing; it is not healthy and doesn’t bring improvement. In contrast, if one worker takes enough breaks, more knowledge, ideas, and clarity can happen plus hang out with colleagues is never a bad idea.

Help – Developers do not know everything and they don’t often ask for help. Asking for help is something that every worker should do because after all no one knows everything and it is good to have someone with a fresh look.

Never stop learning – The technology is developing all the time thus there are always new things to learn. Developers should never stop learning. They should visit training, read different articles and implementation of the newest tools.

Do not use dirty code – Software developers should be responsible for their work and also should save the time of their colleagues. Dirty codes do not end well and failure is not enough for dirty coding. Please make sure your code is clean, efficient and secure all the time and make it easy for checking and rewriting.

A balance between life and work – Overnight and late-night and long hours are equally bad for your wellbeing and your career. Yes, work is important but there has to be a balance between your work and your personal life. Some situations require extra work but this shouldn’t increase and become a habit.

Office relationships – Use a clear mind for every situation in the office, no matter bad or good. Do not have bad relations with your colleagues and make sure you fix every conflict. Do not blame other people, admit your mistakes if there are any and propose looking for a solution together.

Learn from your mistakes – As I said before, mistakes make u grow up, they make you stronger and they can be quite helpful in the process of improvement.

Do not give up fast – Giving up is never the option and you should always look for solutions. Yes, codes can be hard and specific but if you can’t finish it today you can always finish it tomorrow. Talk to your colleagues, go online read, sign up to communities and for sure you will face positive results.

Accept the fact that you do not know everything – because nobody knows everything.

Accept criticism – Facing criticism is not easy but it has more advantages than disadvantages. Professional growth is something that every human being is facing after accepting constructive criticism.