Age of AI: What Do AI Architects Do?

Image by sujin soman from Pixabay

It has been estimated that AI architect will be the most popular job of the year that follows. A couple of researches gave us inside information about the job and also enlightened us that the demand for this position is increasing as time passes by.

The tech industry contains a lot of essential parts and the most crucial is the IT architecture. Many do not know why and this is an excellent chance for a proper explanation. IT architecture ensures that solutions meet requirements and can as well advance to support future requirements without disturbance.

So, an AI architect has one simple job. To establish an architecture that will work and adapt both in the present and in the future. This means that the architect should previously gather all the possible information about current technology and infrastructure.

One AI architect has good soft skills and tacit knowledge. Also to hire one you need to be financially prepared because they are quite pricey. AI architects seek big salaries, or to be more specific, over 8,000 dollars per month.


Their role, generally speaking, is really vital for the whole project. First, they have to perfectly understand what the clients want and need. Second, they have to make business solutions out of their needs. Third, they have to implement the solutions.

An AI architect has to cook solid and noticeable solutions for clients and at the same time, they have to be able to create and maintain architecture by using AI technology frameworks that are leading at the moment.

The decisions they are required to make are not easy, their implementation is complicated and they always have to be aware of different types of technologies because sooner or later they will face every type of it. Therefore, they have to possess a deep understanding of AI applications and specific infrastructure.

A lot of applications are based on restrictions plus clients often give different types of limitations and requirements. They have to be able to manage those types as well and let me be honest only senior AI professionals are capable of doing them right.

A huge amount of tools and technologies are used in the projects and an AI architect has to have an expansive knowledge of every one of them. Trends are also evolving all the time so attention to that particular field is required as well.

AI Architecture’s skills

A lot of positions neither require nor seek people with big experience behind. This does not apply here. Experience is the key factor when it comes to any AI architect job. Five to ten years of relevant work is required together with a master’s degree in computer science, data science or any other AI-related field.

Knowledge of several programming languages is a must together with a record of implementing machine- learning solutions.

Soft skills are not neglected. Employers seek analytical AI architectures that can perfectly manage projects, solve problems and communicate.

All things considered, this job required a lot of responsibilities and a sense of leadership. The ladder of successful AI career is high and requires education, experience, and training. Let’s focus on the bright side for a moment. The salaries are as high as the demand for them.