Useful Regression Testing Tools

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Having many testing tools is good, but that does not mean it is also a quick and straightforward choice. Reasonable decisions require knowledge of each tool and for which testing types those tools are suitable.

Regression testing, in short words, examines the wanted work of software by administering test cases. The testing determines whether the code functions rightly, even in situations of changes and amendments, and how the changes affect its working.

Regression testing can also untangle the work of testers. There are various testers, but only a couple of them are top applied and worth it.

  1. Sahi Pro – suitable for both mobile and web applications. It is good for Java Web as well. Perfect for enormous applications and does not seek many efforts.
  • Excellent communication with other programs, informative reports, identification of accessor that removes the failure, goes well with any browser, high-quality performance.
  1. Selenium – allows testing of any type, and it is a combination of different tools.
  • Flexible, works well with any browser, the navigation is easy, supports many programming languages.
  1. Watir – good to write tests that are easy to perform. Supports Ruby and many other technologies of application development.
  • Ruby language, flexible, simple, secure, cross-platform
  1. TestComplete – can test multiple applications. It is automatic and has functional integration with defect spotting tools.
  • Records tests, identifies code bugs, excellent communication with other tools, keyword, object, and data-driven testing.
  1. IBM Rational Functional Test – suitable for multiple applications as well.
  • Specific user traits support visual editing, supports GUI, and Data-driven testing works well with other programs.
  1. TimeShiftX – by using different periods it delivers the parameters of the application.
  • Easy application, compatible, works with all platforms and operating, code modifications free.
  1. TestDrive – fast test performance.
  • Incredibly fast, easy, modular scripts, possible human appearance, test automation is code free.
  1. AdventNetQEngine – this instrument does not depend on any platform.
  • Simple UI, tractable sessions, simulates the virtual user, good with IE and Firefox.
  1. TestingWhiz – complete testing of API, Cloud, Database, Web, and Mobile.
  • More than 200 commands, supports many browsers, fast automation engine, mobile testing friendly, a combination of management tools and databases.
  1. Webking – a product that has Java and C/C++ defect detection.
  • Supports databases, have automated support of code monitoring.