Major UI Mistakes That Tend to Destroy Your Application

Y2K and Delete Key Superimposed Onto Circuitry
Y2K and Delete Key Superimposed Onto Circuitry on Picspree

The User Interface design has an essential role in the market success of any application. Unfortunately, the UI design of one application is not always a priority for owners. If the application is poorly designed and also has a lousy interface, both performance and popularity may suffer.

The perfect formula for user interface design does not exist. But, there are some rules and principles that should be taken into consideration. Remember, the application should look good and be easy to use.

Five common mistakes might kill your application, and you should avoid it:

  1. Fonts that are abusing – use system one when choosing a font for your application. That is the easiest and most secure way to display the application content on the screen accurately. The second option is the custom fonts. Choose fewer fonts that are coherent and related.
  2. Overflow of elements – your application should not have many elements because too many of them will complicate the application and disorient the users.
  3. Absence of Interaction Feedback – Convenient user interface requires application feedback. To keep the application cross-functional, allow visible feedback. Make it interactive and use new elements.
  4. Absence of Social media links – People like social media a lot, and by using social media, they make your application more handy and usable. Allow your users to sign in through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to avoid long signing up.
  5. Notifications that attack – If your application’s notifications are appearing every 3 seconds, then the users will turn them off for sure. Not only will they turn them off, but they will also forget about the application. Their frequency should not be high, and their content should be useful.
  6. Low Contrast – Contrast is one of the fundamental principles of graphic design. Our eyes like to see a clear and fresh contrast. Contrast is an instrument that web designers should use to manage users’ attention. It can help us better read and understand the info presented.

Your application should have beautiful and intuitive interfaces. Also, it should have more conversions. Avoid the written things above while designing to meet all user expectations.

A poor design app will not receive a second chance. Here are some stats that back us up:

  • 83% of users say seamless experience makes them more engaged with an app
  • 90%  have stopped using an app if its performance was low, while 86% of users have uninstalled an app for poor performance
  • 52% of respondents confirmed that a bad UX is one of the major reason for uninstalling

A good UI design should look beautiful on appearance, but most importantly have a clear structure.