How to Become a Shopify Developer?

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Shopify has gained a lot of popularity recently. It is the first SaaS company that has crossed the $1 billion-dollar revenue at the fastest growth rate.

If you want to become a Shopify developer, this article is for you.

Are you eligible to learn Shopify Theme Development?

The Shopify theme is just like WordPress themes. The only difference is the markup language. While WordPress uses PHP, Shopify uses its markup language called Liquid.

To start learning Shopify theme development, you need to:

  • have knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
  • have a basic understanding of Jquery (Not obligatory)
  • have basic knowledge of Command Line
  • know how to create a Shopify Partner account to upload and test your theme.

Are you eligible to learn Shopify App Development?

Shopify app is a web app, so knowledge of programming languages like Python, PHP, or JavaScript can help you to build the app.

Let us talk about the use of Node JS here.

To develop the Shopify App, you need to:

  • have a basic command of HTML5, CSS3
  • Basic command of JavaScript and React.
  • Knowledge of how to build a web application and features such as authentication, consuming external API, Sending Requests from the front end and dealing with it in the back end.
  • have basic knowledge of GraphQL.
  • Be able to create a Shopify Partner account.

Useful Resources Worth looking at while learning Shopify Theme Development

Here are a few resources that will help you learn Shopify theme development on your own.

  •         Shopify Partner Blog

It enables you to get the design inspiration and development tips.

  •         Shopify Partner Academy:

Provides free of charge courses from Shopify team to learn how to work with Shopify tools

  •         Shopify for web developers:

A free course that helps you set up your first Shopify store and create your first personalized Shopify theme.

  •         Advanced Shopify Theme:

A free course is given by a Shopify expert to help you gain tips and tricks.

  •         Liquid Cheatsheet:

A cheat sheet to gain access to Shopify filters and helpers.

  •         Liquid Code Examples:

A Collection of codes to help you speed up your development process.

  •         Shopify YB Playlist:

A YouTube course to learn Shopify theme development quickly.

  •         Shopify Theme Kit:

A command-line tool that you can upload to your Shopify theme.

  •          Shopify Theme Docs: 

Shopify docs to create your Shopify theme

Useful Resources Worth looking at while learning Shopify App Development:

Here are a few resources that will help you learn Shopify App development on your own.

  •         Shopify Partner Blog:

It contains valuable articles and guides to get design inspiration and tips.

  •         Shopify Partner Academy:

Free courses are given by the Shopify team to learn “how to” of Shopify tools.

  •         Shopify React Node App:

Tutorials are provided by the Shopify team to create your first React and Node JS.

  •         Shopify App CLI:

Helps you build your Shopify app, guides you on how to serve your Shopify app, and update your server link automatically in your Shopify Application dashboard.


Now that you have all the primary resources and tips on how to start learning the Shopify theme and app development, it’s time to take that first step and explore the world of Shopify.