10 .Net Developers’ Tools You Should Know About

Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst

.Net framework is used by millions of developers daily to build a broad variety of applications. With the rise of popularity, so many third-party tools appeared on the market that it might get a bit frustrating to decide which ones are the most useful and efficient. 

Read on to find out which .Net developers’ tools available are the most valuable and pick the ones that best suit your project requirements. 

Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code

For the .Net app developers, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code are one of the most popular tools. Microsoft Visual Studio offers plenty of benefits and world-class tools for the development of websites, apps, and services, and it is preferred by .Net developers because it allows easy code writing and debugging.

But since it is very heavy, the Visual Studio Code comes as a lightweight open-source solution that is 100% free. It offers smart completions build on variable types, function definitions, and imported modules, and comes with plenty of extensions for customization. 


This Visual Studio Extension by JetBrains is a great tool for developers who want to complete their .Net project quickly. It provides numerous quick-fixes, and it is suitable even for beginners because it allows instant code transformations, rearrangement of code, and has more than 60 refactoring and 450 context actions. 


A package manager by Windows with advanced PowerShell that provides a built-in module for instant complex tasks completion and an automated software management instruction. It works with MSI, NSIS, and all other existing software installation technologies and is often used by .Net developers to create and host packages in a reliable model. 


This tool allows running tests while writing the code which helps .Net developers to set up quality metrics. It provides important information about the code that can be implemented instantly and the quality can be improved at the very moment. It is a paid tool but can be a good investment as it offers great features for testing and perfecting the code. 


StyleCop is a great tool for static source code analysis. It allows the creation of a standard guideline since in every .Net development project the code writing guidelines might be different. Through various recommendations for code formatting, it helps developers to endorse best practices. 


With this tool .Net developers can instantly test every bit of program and query databases in SQL or LINQ. It is free and very lightweight and preferred by programmers because it offers integrated debugging, rich output formatting, and auto-completion as an option. 

JSON Formatter

JavaScript Object Notation is quite difficult to read but thanks to this tool the formatting of JSON files is much easier. It offers a solution by presenting a well-structured JSON output in a readable format that is easier to debug. 

Azure Storage Explorer

Developed by Microsoft, this tool allows .Net developers to create, view, edit, and delete storage on various platforms – macOS, Linux, and Windows. It provides access to numerous subscriptions and accounts across Cloud, Azure, and Azure Stack. 


A free source code editor with well-built features for editing and debugging. It provides high execution speed and small program size and supports a wide range of programming languages. 

GitHub Desktop

This tool works with any Git repository and provides exclusive features including editor and shell integrations, image diff support, and great community. 

In summary, there are plenty of useful and efficient tools that will help you complete your .Net development project without errors and on time. Choose the ones you are going to use according to your needs, budget, and requirements.