10 Tech Careers That Don't Require Coding


With the rise of the tech scene, it is understandable if you have a desire to become a part of it. There is a common perception that all tech jobs require coding but in fact, there are plenty of positions for which you don’t even have to know how to code. 

Read on to find out which are the 10 best tech careers that don’t require coding:

UI Designer

UI, or User Interface design, is similar to UX but with more attention to the design of the interface. A UI designer is responsible for how a software interface should look and feel. In order to do so, they should be able to use different storyboards, wireframes, sitemaps, and user flows to communicate their ideas as well as design each element of the website or web app and participate in the whole process from brainstorming to engineering. 

UX Designer

UX designers focus on user experience and design products that aim to increase user satisfaction. Some of the most important responsibilities for a UX designer include user research using interviews or other methods to understand users, extensive knowledge of the most effective ways to build a well-structured website or web app, as well as analyzing data before mahjong design choices and using wireframing to build test versions of the product. 

Software Quality Tester

A software quality tester (SQT) is responsible for the testing of software products before they are launched to the market to ensure they function properly. An SQT would use various tests and different customer scenarios to eliminate all bugs and improve the overall quality of the product. 

SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization requires working with search engines and an SEO specialist will collaborate with the development and design team to make sure that best practices are implemented so that the website or web app will be ranked relevantly by the search engine algorithms. To do so, an SEO specialist would research keywords, optimize copy and work with the content creation team, as well as track, analyze, and report analytics.

Data Analyst

A data analyst job is perfect for those with an analytical mind and strong mathematical skills. A knowledge of statistics is very useful, as well as trend spotting and the ability to convey the findings in a straightforward way. 

Web Analytics Specialist

A web analytics specialist focuses on measuring the website traffic, as well as setting goals for site elements and monitoring changes through conducting A/B tests. It is related to digital marketing and SEO, and usually, a web analytics specialist would handle multiple clients at the same time. 

Enterprise Software Sales

As this is essentially a sales job, it can provide quite lucrative bonuses and commissions, so top performance is well-rewarded in the position. Keep in mind though that it is also a high-risk role, meaning that you will be expected to meet quotas and deal with high pressure. 

Growth Hacker

A growth hacker position falls into the marketing category but combines it with technical knowledge and business development to ensure user acquisition. Expect to develop different onboarding strategies, experiment thoroughly, and constantly measure results and change plans in order to be successful.   

Tech Support Specialist

A tech support job normally comes with great flexibility which is a plus if you value being able to work from home or at a remote destination. You are supposed to provide support to customers and help them solve their technical problems, so you should be familiar with a variety of tech products and solutions, and be able to communicate clearly. 

Technical Recruiter

As a tech recruiter, you will be responsible for hiring developers, programmers, and other tech staff for different companies and organizations. Even though you will not be working with technology per se, it is required that you possess tech understanding to be able to hire successfully for these specialized roles. Great communication skills are key, as well as a confident personality.