The Top 4 Jobs in Information Technology (IT)


Wondering which is the best job in Information Technology? There are so many IT jobs, but according to recent Dice and CareerCast reports four of these jobs are considered as the best IT jobs. 

Jobs were evaluated considering multiple factors, including average salary, stress factors, physical factors, hiring outlook, unemployment rates, and environmental factors. Of all these factors, salary and hiring outlook was given more weight than the others. 

Read on to find out which are the four best IT jobs today. 

Data Scientists

Data Scientists are responsible for the breakdown of the data collected by companies. This data needs to be turned into information that can be used for analysis which will allow the companies to improve their services and products. 

Data Scientists professionals are in demand right now it is expected that there will be 11% growth for the position, as predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Software Engineers

Software Engineers are responsible for design, development, testing, and optimization of computer programs, that are used in various areas such as social networks, video games, business applications, operation systems, and so on. 

There is a very favorable outlook for the Software Engineers position, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a growth of 17%. 

Computer Systems Analysts

Computer Systems Analysts also make the list of the best IT jobs at the moment. This position ranks better compared to Software Engineers because of more preferable working conditions and less physical demands – probably because computer systems analysts do not need to spend so much time in the server room, and they do not have to deal with heavy equipment. 

As projected by the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the expected growth of the Computer Systems Analysts position is 21% for the next decade. 

Network and Computer Systems Administrator

As companies and organizations will always need professionals to take care of their servers and routers, a Network and Computer Systems Administrator is a position in high demand and this trend is not going away. These professionals are responsible for the implementation of software and hardware, fixing network problems, and ensuring that all processes and systems work smoothly. 

With an expected growth of 8% over the next decade, it is understandable why the Network and Computer Systems Administrator position is included in the best IT jobs list.  

These rankings can give you a valuable perspective of IT jobs so if you are looking into starting your career in the tech industry, you can plan more accordingly to what the outlook for the positions is projected to be.