11 Useful Tools For Android App Developers

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There are more than 3 million mobile apps on Google Play and everybody is looking for their share of the market. But developing an Android mobile app can be a quite time-consuming and costly initiative. Thanks to these useful tools, though, developers can build Android apps with better security, better debugging, and better speed. 

Read on to find out the best 11 Android app development tools that will make. 

Android Studio

The official IDE platform comes with a visual layout editor where developers can build and preview on different devices. With its useful features for development for all Android devices, it is no wonder that Android Studio is one of the most preferred development tools.


This is probably one of the best tools you could use to build secure Android apps. It helps developers to detect security issues and offers testing in real-time, as well as an interactive dashboard and vulnerability tracking. 


This is a cross-platform tool that helps developers to build great native applications not only for Android but iOS and Windows as well. Xamarin is a mono framework and offers cross-platform and third-party libraries, UI controls, deep linking and application indexing, and in general gives fewer bugs and provides faster pace. 

Android Asset Studio

With a good number of tools that are easy to use, with Android Asset Studio you can make various icons that you will need when you plan and develop Android apps. These include launcher icons, action bar icons, generic icons, notification icons, as well as simple nine-patches and app themes. 


A great open-source tool that makes it easier to detect memory leaks by sending you notifications when such leaks appear in the app and will provide support on how to fix the issue. It is developed to be extremely easy to use and for most apps, it only takes a few additional lines of code. 


A great tool to receive your users’ feedback – they can share audio and video recordings, screenshots, logs, and more to help you find and fix bugs easily. With detailed bug and crash reports, you can receive instant notification in case of a problem in the app and deal with it quickly. 

GameMaker Studio

One of the most important tools for Android game developers, as it provides everything you need to build 2D games with little code. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, GameMaker Studio is very user-friendly and is suitable even for beginner game developers. 


A push notification tool that supports most frameworks and languages. With Pusher, you can set up a secure and safe push system, get alerts in Slack, and send metrics to dashboards. 


Fabric is a very capable tool that is free to use so no wonder that is popular with developers. It is a modular SDK that includes crash analytics, user analytics, beta-testing deployment, and advertising tools. You can track stability issues and monitor your native code, as well as export the crash data to BigQuery and analyze it thoroughly. 


This is a very simple tool created to make Git more easy to use and user-friendly. It is especially useful for beginners with Git, as it allows the anticipation of all holds, modifications, and branches. 


An open-source software library that is free to use and useful in case you are building an app based on artificial intelligence and want to use machine learning. The API can also be extended to a desktop application.