12 Top Resources to Learn ReactJS

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ReactJS – one of the most popular libraries for front-end development is an open-sourced JavaScript library used for the creation of UI (user interfaces). It is developed by Facebook but today is maintained by open-source contributors, Facebook included.  

React is easy to learn and offers tech advantages which are the main reason for its increasing popularity. It can offer a lot of opportunities for growth so it is definitely something to consider if you are looking to expand your skills and expertise. 

Read on to find out which are the best resources to learn ReactJS. 

Code with Mosh

The React course, offered by Mosh, is simple and very thorough. Well-explained and with a hands-on approach, the course will take you through every single aspect of the library of React. Perfect for everyone that is looking to advance, even if an absolute beginner. 

The Complete Guide

This course features well-explained examples that are implemented in the videos. It goes through the learning material in a smooth manner and the difficulty is gradually increased by using different ways to showcase and implement the same thing. Best for beginners looking to advance to the intermediate level.  

React Specialization

If you are looking for a more guided environment, this course is the best way to learn ReactJS. It is one of the top-rated courses on Coursera and will teach you all the basics. You can also receive a certificate you can use for your resume. 

The Nanodegree

This course includes React Native and will provide a valuable boost for your career. It is led by experienced teachers and the degree comes with career support which means that you will get help to get a job. 

For Beginners

If you are looking for free resources with a lot of value, YouTube is your go-to platform. This series provided by Viswash will take you through all the basics of React – perfect for beginners. 

React For Beginners

In this course, you will learn how to create a full web app from scratch and how to deploy it on Netlify. You will go through all aspects of the development of an app, including design and animation. The course is perfect for beginners and will provide enough resources to know how to continue your advancement afterward. 

Full Stack Development

The Master Program, offered by Edureka, is the perfect course if you are looking to get into full-stack development and learn how to build a whole app using JavaScript, ReactJS, and Node. It will take you through all the details and concepts of how to build a fully functional web app. 


This is one of the best courses for complete beginners. Offers a thorough approach that will take you through all the elements of React and will show you exactly how to implement them. 

Coding for Entrepreneurs

This course might not be as detailed as the others but will teach you the basics so you will be able to start using React as soon as possible. 


The Web Dev and Web Design channel is one of the best if you are looking to connect to a community that will help you on your journey. The community is very active and engaged and will provide you with enough resources to advance in React or web development in general.  


If you are looking for cool projects that are using ReactJS, Reddit is the ultimate source. You can also post any questions or projects of your own and receive valuable feedback or help. 


Of course, one of the best sources to learn code is its own documentation. As it is an open-source library, once you have the basic skills, you can use the documentation to become more familiar with React and learn more of its advanced features.