Become a Better JavaScript Developer With TypeScript 

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Did you know that Google, Asana, and Airbnb have migrated codebases to TypeScript? And it is no wonder why. TypeScript will make your life as a developer significantly easier as there will be fewer errors, fewer tests, and overall, your coding experience will be much better. 

TypeScript is essentially a compiled language – when you use it, you are actually writing JavaScript. The two languages are basically the same, with the exception of few details, and allow for an easier transition.  

Read on to find out how TypeScript will make you a better JavaScript developer.  

Gives you more confidence

If you are working in a larger team or in an unfamiliar codebase, TypeScript is what you need for a boost of confidence. Using this language will provide more predictability and readability of the code since you can immediately identify how something works. 

You will operate better and faster because you will not need explanations from the team and you will make fewer mistakes. As a result, the quality of your code will be improved and you will feel more confident. 

Catch errors before production

With TypeScript, you can easily catch production errors while your writing code. Each time there is a possible production error, TypeScript will tell you and will not compile until it is fixed. This way you will not have to wait until runtime to find these errors but eliminate them in time. 

Makes it easier to refactor code

Since TypeScript will catch the errors, it will be easier to refactor code. When you make changes to the code but forget to apply somewhere, TypeScript will remind you and correct you. 

Saves you time with fewer tests

One of the most useful benefits of TypeScript includes the option of autocomplete JavaScript – if it knows the shape, TypeScript can autocomplete the name. It can also help you write “future” JavaScript, without the need of Babel plugins. These two features of TypeScript can majorly improve your efficiency and productivity as a JavaScript developer. 

These are pretty great reasons to start using TypeScript. It will not only improve your confidence as a developer but will also help you improve your productivity, efficiency, and overall performance as it will allow you to catch errors earlier in the process and refractor code easier. 

If you are looking into starting using TypeScript, there are several great resources you could use for learning the basics.