10 iOS Resources That Will Help You Become A Better App Developer  

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Did you know that at the end of 2019 there were 1.84 million apps for iOS? This billion-dollar industry is rapidly growing and is expected that the total revenue from mobile app downloads, in-app purchases, and advertisement will jump by 2.7 by 2023. 

But even though mobile apps are increasingly popular, it is not enough to just launch one and wait for the money to start coming. Mobile app success is determined by a lot of factors and generally depends on not only marketing and usefulness but also the way it is developed, maintained, and updated. 

Being an iOS app developer can lead to a lot and high-paid opportunities everywhere in the world – as of 2020, iOS developers with five years of experience make an average of 100,000 per year in the US. So if you are looking to start as an iOS developer or improve your skills – here are the 10 best iOS resources to become a better app developer. 

Apple Developer

The Apple Developer – a digital study offered by Apple – is the best way to start with iOS easily and quickly. You will learn all the basics covering iOS development, Swift, Xcode, presentations, and programming guides. Not only you will find resources for each Apple platform, but you can also connect with other Apple developers to exchange knowledge. 

iOS Development with Objective-C

A paid learning online tutorial that is a start-to-end track system that allows you to add more resources while you progress. It offers different courses which are several hours long each and will get you familiar with the UI and language of Apple products. 


The platform from LinkedIn has a great list of courses for iOS app development and depending on your expertise, you can pick whichever you like to learn at your own pace with video lectures. 

You can explore coding guidelines, design patterns, essential concepts, and everything on development, debugging, and deployment of iOS apps. 

Stack Overflow

Even though not a tutorial site per se, this is a great online community you can you to learn about iOS development if you are a beginner. You can connect with fellow developers, ask questions, and receive useful knowledge. You can also browse through solutions to find answers to issues you have encountered and can not resolve through other tutorials. 

Developing Apps for iOS

A free Apple podcast course with immense value for developers who are looking to learn the basics for app development. You will learn how to use iPhone API and tools, design user interface, manage app memory, an create an object-oriented design. 

Geeky Lemon Xcode Tutorials

A great paid course that will walk you through each step of creating projects, coding, visual development, and more. The Xcode tutorial is easy to follow but offers in-depth knowledge and skills. 

Ray Wenderlich Blog

With more than 3000 online tutorials of high quality, this online community is the perfect resource to learn everything about app development, most challenging topics, and other emerging technologies in relation to app development. There is also a forum where you can discuss any issues you might be having and connect with other students or experts. 

iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course

A Udemy course is suitable for both beginners and advanced developers. It is a 34-hour long with 250 online lectures, that cover everything you need to know on how to design apps. Each lecture includes a challenge to complete so that the strategies covered in the course can be incorporated into real projects. 

iOS 11 Fundamentals

This course will teach you how to use Xcode 9 and Swift 4 for the development of iOS 11 apps. It covers all the best practices – from managing projects to building blocks to understanding navigation. 

The Missing Manual

Once you have mastered the iOS platform and Swift, this book will help you go even further by teaching you everything else you need to know about creating successful apps. Form branding and design to your target audience and fundamentals of launching – this paperback covers it all.