Top 5 New Programming Languages You Should Learn

photo by People Creations

Even though the languages you already know are probably enough to get the job done, it is always better to strive to learn new things. With the technologies always changing and evolving on a daily basis, you never know what will be the biggest trend tomorrow. And you do not want to be left behind, do you? 

Learning new languages will ensure you are constantly on top of your game and ahead of the competition. So here are the top 5 new programming languages you should learn. 


Julia is created with a focus on numeral computing and supports many numeric databases. When looking at Julia’s syntax, it can be seen as a combination of C and Python – and this is the first time a programming language has managed to combine both these qualities. 

And while most of the ecosystem of Julia is all about mathematical work, there is a bright future ahead for the language – as it offers first-class support for parallel computing, it can gain lots of popularity in the IoT and Web domains. 


Rust was developed by Mozilla and was the reason why finally their browser feels lighter and renders quickly. The goal behind Rust is to replace C++ which is more than enough reason to learn it. 

Rust is elegant and concise and follows a functional programming approach – meaning that the code you write will be more compostable and without object-oriented hierarchies to deal with. There are already fully functional web frameworks in Rust, and more application libraries are being developed. 


Rubi is one of the languages that make developers the happiest so no wonder that the Rails framework is still dominating full-stack development. But then comes Elixir – created by one of the core developers of Rails. 

Elixir takes advantage of the Erland virtual machine so if you are building a real-time system, Elixir will prove to be much more stable than Rubi or any other traditional language such as Python, Java, or PHP. 

It is practical and elegant – since it copies Ruby syntax-wise and no wonder that large companies like Pinterest are already using Elixir. 


Kotlin was created by JetBrains with one goal behind its development – to offer conciseness, safety, and 100% interoperability with Java. 

It is becoming a new favorite, and even though it is unlikely to replace Java, it is still worth learning because it is much pleasant to work with and can easily merge with Java code.  


TypeScript adds much-needed powers and enhancements to JavaScript – such as strong typing, compile-time type checking, classes and modules, type inference, and many more. 

And the best part is that it is a small language to learn but it will bring plenty of benefits. If you are already a JavaScript developer, you will need no more than two days to pick enough of TypeScript to start using it freely – and you will greatly appreciate the ease it brings to the table. 

There you have the five new programming languages you should learn. If you are already familiar with a couple of old languages, these will not take that long to learn but in the future, you will reap plenty of benefits from investing that time to learn them.