Why You Should Learn Go Programming Language

photo by Awesome Content

Go – the programming language created by Google over a decade ago is definitely something you should consider learning. Why? Mainly because it has the readability or JavaScript or Phyton and the runtime efficiency of C++. And it was ranked as the top language developers want to learn, according to the 2020 HackerRank Developer Skill Report. 

And there is more – Go is one of the highest paying languages which is another indicator that it will be blowing big in the near future. Read on to find some more reasons why you should learn Go. 

What makes Go programming language unique?

Go offers a combination of big distributed systems and robust system-level languages. It provides easy usability and readability, and it is designed for high-performance multiprocessing and networking. Go is suitable for cold-based modern architectures because it complies directly with the binary code and has a small memory footprint. It can be used for the development of small and fast applications with an easy learning curve and simple code – a great alternative for Java or C++. 

What applications can Go be used for?

With its rising popularity, Go has been used for various apps, including Kubernetes and Docker. It is used by companies like Twitch, Netflix, Dropbox, and Uber, in addition to Google, of course. Go is a great choice for cloud deployments, cloud-based services, and apps. It is best for web-based backend services and infrastructure tools. 

Which other languages are similar to Go? 

Go is heavily based on C and its syntax is very similar but it is a unique programming language that works very differently and has its own features. It can be compared to JavaScript with added benefits of speed and efficiency of C or C++. Go is statically typed but adopts patterns that are common for dynamic programming languages. 

What types of jobs can you get with Go?

Go can be used for various disciplines but it is mainly used for web-based servers so typical jobs with Go include backend engineering, DevOps, system programming including cloud engineering and micro-services. 

But all industry roles are employing Go developers and it will be a more and more popular choice across IT areas. 

Is Go a difficult language to learn?

The syntax of Go is small when compared to other programming languages and lacks some of the features that are typical for C++ or Java so it is fairly simple to learn. So if you already know C, C++, or Java you will most likely have no difficulties learning Go. And since it is built with a focus on backend compatibility, it will be easier to keep up with the new releases. 

How long will it take to master Go?

Even though existing experience and knowledge in Java or C++ will make it easier to learn Go, it will require some time and effort investment to become fully proficient. It is a complex and powerful language and it will be rewarding to invest yourself in mastering Go. An experienced developer in another object-oriented language like Java or C++ could possibly learn Go in just a few days, while a more inexperienced developer will need a couple of weeks or months.