Learn New Tech Skills During COVID-19 With These Online Courses 

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

With the coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing rules, you might find yourself spending more time inside than usual. Use this time wisely to learn new programming languages and skills to advance in your career. Fortunately, there are a lot of online resources that will help you upskill – most of them are currently free to help people that have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

These are the best online courses to learn new tech skills during Covid-19. 

JetBrains Academy

JetBrains – the creator of Kotlin programming languages and developer of a lot of frameworks and tools, offer the JetBrains Academy. This is a free resource to learn Kotlin, Java, and Python and you will learn the programming languages through working on applications. 

The courses include different tracks and projects – it will take you 25 hours to learn Kotlin with 5 projects and various levels. The Python course consists of 34 hours, and the Java course is 82 hours long – and both of them include five projects. 

The three courses will cover everything from basic operations and code style to tools and environment so you can grasp the most important basics of the most popular programming languages. 

Coursera and Udacity 

Coursera offers free access to numerous courses, especially if you have been laid-off because of Covid-19. You can use these courses to upskill but you will need to sign in through a governmental organization that serves unemployed citizens. 

The online learning platform Udacity also provides a program for free tech training for unemployed citizens. There are scholarships you can apply for, and access courses in programming and data. The programs offer classroom experience, a world-class curriculum, industry-leading instructors, and expert project reviews. 


If you are interested in building games, Unity has an educational program that will help you explore projects, tutorials, and courses in game development. 

There are also live virtual classes led by experts that teach educators and students how to code. 

Do-It-Yourself Online Courses

There are a lot of online courses and documentation you can use to learn by yourself and gain a good knowledge of particular programming languages and tech skills. 

Python.org offers a beginners’ guide to programming with Python you can start with to get into the basics of the programming language. You can also find various free courses on different programming languages available on Code.org, Codewars, and Codecademy. 

The MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has made the study materials free online so you can access more academic information on programming. 

There are free courses offered on Udacity you can use to learn the basics of Android and iOS development. 

And in case you want to dive into artificial intelligence, you can start with AI for everyone (on deeplearning.ai) and then move to the free course on Udacity Intro to TensorFlow for Deep Learning. 

Use these free online courses to learn new programming languages and tech skills that will help you expand your knowledge and boost your options to find a new tech job or excel in your career.