4 New Cutting-Edge Tech Degree Programs 

Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

Several technologies that were once stunningly new today have become so mainstream that they have their degree programs students can graduate in. For example, if you want to specialize in augmented reality or virtual reality, there is a major for that. And you can get a degree in cybersecurity management if you want to learn ethical hacking. 

Here are four cutting-edge tech degree programs that are currently offered by universities. 

A Real Degree in Immersive Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have become crucial for the entertainment and retail industries. You can participate in the Savannah College of Art and Design program to become a bachelor of fine arts in immersive reality. 

Students can study the concepts for VR and AR principles with courses including Virtual Reality for Motion Media and Immersive Revolution: Augmented to Virtual Reality. 

Key parts of the program include virtual programming and interactivity, and students learn about using game development tools such as Unreal and Unity. As part of the program, students build musical films in VR, theme park extensions, and work on projects for companies such as L’Oréal. 

Digital Mapping

You can get a master’s degree in digital mapping at the University of Kentucky. The course offers training in geographical systems and teaches open-source and free informational systems. 

The classes include photogrammetry lessons, which include information about physical objects obtained through electromagnetic radiant imagery patterns and photographic images. Photogrammetry can be used to build roads and bike networks, and parks. 

This program will help the students prepare for jobs in planning departments of communication agencies, government agencies, and geopolitical strategy firms, 

Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking

Data breaches continue to be a threat to organizations, and to provide more top talent in this niche, universities are offering full degree cybersecurity programs. The cybersecurity management degree at Purdue University in Indiana includes courses in ethical hacking – or hacking into a system to find vulnerabilities before the actual hacking happens. 

Students can learn everything about cybersecurity strategy and policy, with additional ethical hacking classes with hands-on lab training. The actual course is online with one-hour lectures and discussion topics, and written assignments. 

The cybersecurity management courses also include working with Metasploit – a penetration testing framework, Kali Linux – a distribution for penetration and digital forensics by Linux, and other open-source tools. 

Logic and Computation

Logic and Computation – a major, offered by Carnegie Mellon University as a part of the Philosophy department. Logic skills can be used in jobs in cognitive science, computer science, and business analysis. 

The computation aspects include statistics, computer science, and mathematics. It is valuable for students who want to start a tech career around data models. The classes will provide the capability to understand how these models work internally for machine learning, decision making an inference, or natural language processing. 

The theory behind the tools is valuable since statistical analysis, computer programming, and mathematical modeling are more and more important for tech companies.