Node.JS Versus PHP

Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

 Node.js and PHP are the two server-side development that developers prefer. These are used in Backward Development but are different from each other. Selecting which platform is based off the of the purpose. 

Understanding each one is the most beneficial way to decide which one is needed for going into 2021. 

What is Node.js?

Node.js was released in 2009 by Ryan Dahl and was accessible on limited OS systems. A new version has now been released that is compatible with more systems. 

This is a program built around JavaScript, that works alongside JavaScript to write command-line tools for website creation. 

Benefits of Node.js

Multi-threading is included with Node.js, which makes this desirable. This feature is most widespread in the web browser. 

  • Support is included
  • A single Syntax is only needed for the client-side
  • Module caching, one time running and then accessible for next code
  • Large files are more workable with Stream Modules
  • JavaScript Developers have an easy transition to Node.js

Chrome V8 Engine

Node.js is powered by Chrome V8 Engine, which brings its own benefits. 

  • Node.js uses Data Streaming for optimal file transfer and downloading
  • Real-time Web Development is enabled using only logical reasoning and speeds will vary
  • The Engine includes software packages with a MEAN stack.
  • Cluster packages included

What is PHP?

PHP was released in 1995 by Raamus Lerdorf; it is the largest open-source server-side script language. PHP was designed for web development and PHP code and script execution.

Benefits of PHP

  • Easy configuration
  • Callback functions and blocking statements
  • Supported by most internet hosting
  • Supports most frameworks and Content Management System
  • Increased FAQs and library instructions
  • A large number of developers

The popularity of Node.js and PHP

Node.js is a newer development while PHP has been around for 20 years and developers prefer the downloading capabilities. Node.js is an innovation on the trend market with developers.

In terms of popularity, PHP is still leading the way. 

Market Position

Fewer sites use Node.js when compared to PHP, but when looking at traffic on those sites, Node.js is active in the higher traffic sites. PHP is used and identified in the low to medium traffic sites, but overall, PHP is used more widely.

Node.js Performance

  • Fast Server-side and powered by event-driven and non-blocking I/O
  • Faster codes with Chrome V8 Engine
  • MIT license so no Data buffer
  • Supports multi-platform

PHP Performance

ü Faster than other written software languages

ü A rich codebase

ü Easier understanding for new developers

ü Portable and can run on all servers

ü Supports multi-platform

When to use Node.js

  • The same language across the stack needed
  • Real-time data usage
  • Require speed

When to use PHP

  • Centralized Server
  • Portability

Both of these server-side developments are preferred by developers based on what is needed. Understanding the basics of each one is imperative to make the right choice.