Best Angular Component Libraries On The Market Today

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Angular is one of the most popular front-end frameworks, mostly because it comes with a lot of tooling and best practices. Developers can take advantage of the components to keep the UI separated as reusable parts and a standalone entity. 

If you want to use Angular components, you need to know which are the best on the market today. Read on to find out the top Angular component libraries you can find. 


This data grid has been developed for Angular and can be integrated with different versions to deliver the features you want. It is well-maintained with deep documentation and very easy to integrate and customize. There are more than 63 features with some of the most common ones being sorting, filtering, and pagination. ag-Grid can work with large data sets and comes with a deep and intuitive API – one of the reasons why there are 500,000+ downloads per month and 25% of Fortune 500 companies use ag-Enterprise. 

Angular Material

This is an official component library with UI components that follow the best practices. It implements the material design of Google and is developed with TypeScript and Angular. You can quickly add new features to generate a number of templates from the command line. There are Angular components such as side navigation, toolbar menu, dialog, create popups, use data table format, control forms like autocomplete, checkbox, select and slide toggle, or use layout components such as tabs, grid list, expansion panel. 


An open-source design system created by VMware that brings together a CSS/HTML framework, Angular components, and UX guidelines. It provides a data-bound set of performant components and is equally good for developers and designers. Some of the components include login page, grid, alerts, progress bar, tree view, passwords, radio buttons, and toggle switches. 

NG Bootstrap

This library offers Bootstrap 4 components and does not have third party JS dependencies while offering high testing coverage. Some of the components include typehead, tooltip, date picker, popover, carousel, and modal. 

Onsen UI

A popular component library for mobile and hybrid apps that uses JavaScript. It offers components with material and flat designs and comes with binding for Angular. Depending on the platform you use for your project, it offers automatic styling. Some of its components are tabs, side menu, lists and forms, automatic styling, and stack navigation. 


A library that offers Angular components developed for the Lightning Design System of Salesforce. These components depend only on the input properties in order to provide more flexibility and better performance. Some of the components included are breadcrumbs, lookups, buttons, badges, data tables, icons, ratings, and spinners. 


A comprehensive set of over 80 UI components with different themes from flat to material design. Components are designed professionally and are very easy to customize. You can use simplŠµ to complex form elements such as tables, graphs, pop-ups, and sliders. This library is one of the most popular on the market and is used by brands like eBay and Fox. It supports file upload component, overlay components, messages, charts, data components, and panel components.