Why Do You Need to Learn Flutter in 2021?

Photo by Peter Jones on Unsplash

More and more programming tools continue to become available to programmers, especially this year, and one of these tools is Flutter. 

What exactly is Flutter?

In May 2001, Google came up with a mobile UI framework that is free and open-sourced. It enables one to create a mobile application in one codebase. It consists of two parts 

  • Frameworks: These are a collection of reusable UI elements that one can be able to use to compile his or her code into a native machine code.
  • A Software Development Kit: This consists of tools that help you develop your applications 

Flutter uses a programming language that was created in October 2011 by Google, which has improved over the years called Dart and focuses on front-end development.

Why should you learn it?

Robust Community

Flutter has a growing community that one is able to exchange information with, and this community is only growing; such communities include;

  • Flutter community: here, you can find articles and tutorials on Flutter
  • It’s all widgets: here, you can be able to see all the applications made with Flutter
  • Flutter Awesome: This is a great list that comprises the best Flutter libraries and tolls, and the good thing is that the website publishes daily content.
  • Awesome Flutter: This is full of utility components articles and videos in the GitHub repository

Flutter is available on different IDEs

Different code editors support Flutter and the two main being Android studio and VS code

Good documentation

In Flutter, everything is quite detailed and with very easy examples for basic use. If you have any problem with your code, you can be able to check the documentation, and the answer will be there. 

Quick compilation meaning maximum productivity

With Flutter, you can be able to change your code and be able to see the results at the same time, a feature which is called Hot-Reload. If you make a lot of modifications you will be forced to reload the app but if the changes are small like changing the size of an element in design, it’s in real time.

Ideal for startup MVPs

If you want to present your product to investors, then Flutter is the best for you. Why?

  • It is very cheap to develop and maintain your mobile application since you do not need to create and maintain two mobile apps
  • You only need one developer to create your MVP
  • You can be able to use widgets provided by Flutter and also personalize in order to create a valuable UI for your customers
  • You cannot tell the difference between a flutter application and a native app


If you are doing some freelance work, it is advisable to use Flutter since this technology is due to explode, meaning that a lot of people are going to be looking for developers who know how to use it


I hope this has made you interested in Flutter and motivated you