Top Automation Testing Tools For Developers

Image by TeeFarm from Pixabay

Every software developer should implement test-driven development in their projects. But the success of test-driven development depends on how efficient is the developer in the implementation of code and application testing. To ensure this, automation tools have to be used. Here are the best automation platforms and frameworks currently available with a short representation of their features. 


The most popular framework for automation testing, Selenium is browser-based and works on different browsers and operaiong systems. It comes with Selenium IDE – an extension for Chrome and Firefox that can record and playback user interactions. And Selenium Grid is the go-to tool when it comes to scaling tests. Selenium Webdriver, which offers the creation of regression tests, is the most popular tool in the framework.

A testing framewor for both web and mobile apps, Perfecto is a SaaS tool that allows developers and testing engineers to perform their tests from everywhere. You can run parallel testing of apps on different browsers and operating systems, and run a huge volumes of tests – up to 50% faster than other frameworks. With the mobile test tool, you can test both on emulators and actual devices with a large volume of daily tests – up to 10,000 executions. 


Serenity helps testers to write world-class documetaiion and reports. The testing process starts with the creation of acceptance criteria which is then automated and tests are broken into steps to make them more readable. You can easily run them against real application executions. When you finish the tests, you can take advantage of the detailed reports with screenshots, generated by Serenity, that include all the relevant information such as execution times and error messages. 


An excellent tool to use for both frontend and end-to-end testing. It is very easy to install Cypress and write test scripts. It comes with a dashboard that makes testing faster and more powerful thanks to several functionalities such as the option to group tests by browser type, package type, environment, and so on. And thanks to the parallelization feature, you can test more features and run more tests easily. 

Lambda Test

A testing automaton software that can be used for both web and desktop apps. You can conduct interactive live testing for local machine and publicly hosted websites and web applications. The versatile and powerful suite integrates with tools like Circle CI, Jenkins, and Travis CI. Lambda Test also allows for geo-testing so that you can test applications depending on the location they are accessed from.

An open-source end-to-end cloud-hosted testing framework, is supported by a large community. Users can easily get access to updates and take part of improvements. You can use this tool with Selenium and its dependencies, and use it for testing on different browsers. One of its best features are that even non-coders can perform testing thanks to the Scriptless Test recorder.

Katalon Studio

One of the most complete testing solutions on this list, Katalon Studio comes with features such as auto-generating test scripts, recording, and powerful integrations. It is open-source and suitable for both web and mobile testing that is easy to start with – even if you are a non-coder, but has enough powerful capabilities for scaling. It works well with CI/CD setups and is great for Agile developers.