Building Relevant Websites with PHP in 2021?

Photo by Ben on Unsplash

The internet is a massive component of our world today. Web pages join the internet consistently, which does not appear to be just a feature that will end anytime soon. The programming language is vast, and picking one specific language is frequently tricky.

Programmers need to choose the right one to use, which is not an easy task for them. Let’s go over the advantages of choosing the PHP technology.

Advantages of PHP

PHP is the most popular language in the programming world, and more than 88% of websites use this technology to build their web pages.

Open Source

The PHP technology language is free in every way, and due to a large number of developers using it, it makes for a massive community. The large scales usage allows constant upgrades and positive changes.

PHP offers its own support that other languages do not have, making for a more popular brand because of support availability.

Scalability & High Speed

Scalability allows the website to grow and handle the increasing traffic. The PHP technology enables the website to add additional servers as the need arises.

PHP has its own memory, which reduces the workload and the loading time. This memory allows the processing speed to be higher, which delivers the product faster to the client.

Security & Cost Efficient

The PHP programming language is open-source, so vulnerability applies to all programming languages. This vulnerability breaks down to the use. The security is dependant on the developer, but avoidance of security breaches with the help of software testing is essential.

Since PHP is an open-source market, there is no additional software to purchase. This platform is free, which brings the development cost down.

Custom Development

The server-side PHP allows the tools for creating custom designs without limitations. This platform enables the client’s design preferences to create their vision. With the mixing of PHP and Javascript, the developer can create an optimal design that includes functionality.

 Popular Website Built With PHP

More than 80% of websites use the programming language of PHP. A shortlist of the most popular sites includes; Facebook, Wikipedia, and Yahoo. They receive billions of visits each month.

PHP is Still Good

Previously, PHP in the past was a light alternative to other programming languages. Now the design can happen by developers with all different experience levels. Updates are ongoing, and the newest version, PHP 8, will be available this year.

Is PHP Still Relevant in 2021

Many individuals relay that these sites would not have chosen PHP if someone did the development in 2021. PHP has ease of use, libraries, documentation, and a large community.

This language may be quite old, but it is not obsolete. The creators consider this language classic, and updates and constant integration make this robust for growth. 


While this is a mature programming language, it does not make it less of a website-building tool. Facebook is known worldwide, and PHP was used for the original design and continues to grow every day.