CCNA Certification - What Are Your Job Opportunities?

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Specific jobs require CCNA certification in handling them. The CCNA certification is offered by CISCO, the leading IT and networking providers. The various activities involved in the CCNA certification include cloud, security, industrial plant, routing, etc. an IT talent with a CCNA certification can go for multiple job profiles, including the ones discussed in this article. However, the practical knowledge in It is the most important thing other than mere certifications.

Job opportunity for CCNA certification holders

Technical support job

An organization must employ a technical support engineer to help in solving minor problems in day-to-day activities. Machines sometimes incur breakage, or system might fail to function whether in the workplace or remote places. The technical support engineers come in. They might solve the problems physically or over the phone and ensure that the employees without technical knowledge continue with their work smoothly.

A system engineer as a beginner

With a CCNA certification being a system engineer is considered a starting point in the career. The work here is not too intensive, and the individual helps in minor system problems to provide solutions. They might not directly access the routing and networking; however, they might be asked to check in the WAN and LAN if they are any problems.

System engineer

Due to the different systems and infrastructure in an organization, a system engineer needs a system engineer. The person is involved in maintaining the systems, ensuring their security, and building the upcoming procedures. The system engineer is also involved in explaining to the third party who is unaware of the programing language about different systems and their functions.

Network administrator engineer

Although in small organizations, the system engineer performs the task of network engineer, it is a specialized career on its own. The network engineer is involved in handling both the hardware and software related to the organization’s networking. The network administrator is considered to be the top-paying job with CCNA certification.

IT manager

A manager’s work typically controls and coordinates the activities; the same case applies to an IT manager. However, an IT manager should also possess some skills, including system administrator and problem-solving skills. For the individual to manage the IT staff, they must have the technical knowledge too.

The senior network administrator position

The responsibilities related to this post include checking the design, deploying, and maintaining the securities within the configuration. The IT department in the organization is so much dependent on the senior network administrator for the above functions. The person is also expected to perform in the change management practices concerning the organization networks.

A network security specialist

The primary functions here include ensuring security in the networking system. The network security specialist is involved in detecting, preventing, and solving any organization’s security attacks. The entire organization solely depends on this function because it can lead to severe damage—this one of the jobs that can be done under CCNA certifications.

In conclusion, the above jobs are some that can be done with CCNA certifications. However, other jobs are not listed above. CCNA certification is essential in the IT career.