Top Javascript Projects to Build your Skills

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Alongside HTML and CSS, there is JavaScript, a scripting language used in web applications. Various projects are written in JS language, as discussed in this article. JavaScript can be used to build a dynamic and complete web application. JavaScript makes it easy for a user to interact with a web application and not miss any feature. Any technical knowledge about JavaScript can land you various job opportunities, including mobile applications, websites, and a full-stack developer. There are basic JavaScript courses that need to be taken if you want to have the basic knowledge; however, a person who understands HTML and CSS can also operate in JS.

JavaScript projects

The JavaScript calculator

JavaScript language is what gives the solution of the function displayed in a scientific calculator. HTML and CSS are also used to make the buttons function and adding some beautification, respectively. The main function used in a JavaScript calculator is the eval() used globally to solve JS codes.

The hangman game

The favorite game hangman functionality is displayed using JavaScript. With the help of HTML for the displaying and CSS for beautification, the main functionalities are defined by JavaScript.

The tic tac toe game

Children’s most favorite game on paper can also be developed in a company with JavaScript. There is a step-by-step guide on how to develop the game on a computer. HTML and CSS are also used in the development of this game.

The weather application

This application detects the weather of different places, and it changes automatically when the location changes. The above application uses the HTML, js, and CSS scripting language in separate files for easy maintenance.

Music events

For event listeners, they are also covered; all you need is to set a code for different events. You can choose different letters on the keyboard to represent different events. Basic CSS language is added to enable the user to import different images for the background; however, the full functionality is performed by JavaScript.

Form validation

Form validation is mainly used in the client interface when they need to enter the client’s details. You might find out sometimes that areas need must be filled, and you need to add a letter so that you can skip to the next step; all this is done using JavaScript.

Photo details display

JavaScript, HTML, and CSS have been used together to come up with a photo detail display. It works by displaying a photo on the web page, and when the user clicks on the image, other details are displayed.

Landing pages

JavaScript is used to create a landing page in local storage that reminds the user with greetings about the time. The local storage can be used to store personal information like written text and images.

In conclusion, JavaScript is used in the development of a wide variety of instruments. The discussed above are some of the top application features that are made using the JavaScript language. It is evidenced that most of the three scripting languages work together in the development of different features. There are also different features of the JavaScript language that differentiate it from the others.