Job Opportunities to Look for with MCSA Certification

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Any IT specialist with MCSA certification has a variety of tasks they can handle in an organization. Microsoft offers MCSA, and there are small areas of specialization in this certification. MCSA certification can be classified as Windows 8.1, Windows server 2016, cloud platform, etc. various IT jobs do not require the MCSA certifications; however, it is an added advantage in your career. The different job profiles discussed below can be an excellent opportunity for an MSCA certification holder.

Network administration specialist

The above job position is critical in an organization; a network administrator does work related to troubleshooting and maintains network frameworks. Installing a network in an organization and supporting to ensure that there’s the flow of information is a task performed by a network administrator specialist. Finally, they also serve to implement computer networks’ hardware and software to ensure that they function well.

A system administrator

Al the computers in the organization require someone who ensures that they function well. A system admin is involved in checking the computer systems used to meet the users’ requirements. He or she ensures that the systems’ resources and performance under control do not exceed the budget. A system administrator is also involved in the security of computer systems.

SQL database administrator

The above post is one of the minor specializations offered in MSCA certifications. The SQL database administrator is responsible in an organization for solving any challenge concerning the database technologies. They must be fully aware of the SQL database technology and have some technical knowledge too. SQL administrator works in application development and the IT team and ensures that they have a reliable database.

A cloud architect

The other job opportunity with an MSCA certification is a cloud architect. They should have updates concerning the new trends in technology and perform other tasks as taking care of application deployments in the private, public, and hybrid cloud in the organization. 

The main tasks involved in cloud computing strategies are cloud application design, cloud adoption plans, and cloud management.

A cloud administrator

The cloud administrator works for both Windows and Linux virtual environments. They are involved in the entire cloud infrastructure and cloud servers. For instances like patching, security, and troubleshooting, a cloud administrator is also involved. An organization depends on the cloud for storing sensitive information; therefore, a system administrator must secure the data stored there.

A computer network specialized

The above specialist has a task similar to a network administrator; however, they mainly focus on computer networking. They are involved in installing, checking, and troubleshooting computer networks in an organization. The other duties performed include monitoring a help desk and check if there are possibilities of external and internal threats occurring. Knowledge in network management is essential in this job profile.

In conclusion, a person holding the MCSA certification has various open positions they can handle. There are different certifications that IT specialists need to have, such as CCNA certification; however, practical knowledge is the most important. An IT specialist with practical knowledge in different fields can be of more use than many credentials.