JavaScript Frameworks Reviewed 2021

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Small and large scale companies have heavily invested on web and website applications for their success. Web and website development have been for some time been faced with challenge of choosing which framework to use for a certain project. Gone is the days when developers had limited choice for frameworks. Today, frameworks have flooded the market and developers have a choice over them.

JavaScript framework

Coming up with a well-programmed application is a difficult task that requires an enormous amount of resources and savvy talent. Such big projects require not only money but also well-laid plans and strategies. JavaScript helps in laying down structure required in web development and provide a vast amount of libraries and codes that simplify the development process


React is a JavaScript framework that depends on third-party vendors to offer data fetching, routing, and state management to the users. React enjoys a good market environment because developers promote it by preaching its easy-to-use features.

 One of the benefits of React is that it has vast number of resources for development use. React developed programs are compatible with all devices. However, learning React for newcomers is challenging due to vast amount of information. Since React has been adopted by many industries, companies opt to outsource it.


Angular comes after React and is the second frequently used framework. Angular is preferred by developers who use Java and C#. Unlike React, Angular has unique features available for web developers. Typescript is used as the development language for Angular alongside Java. This feature has attracted most developers to use Angular.

Developers with proficient knowledge of Java enjoy an easy and simple framework when developing projects. Furthermore, Google provides user support to developers in case of difficulties. However, learning Angular for beginners is hard.


Though not supported by Google or Facebook, Vue has maintained the competition in the market. It was developed by Evan You in 2013. Vue has played a significant role in popularizing React due to its flexibility. Vue is a simple, flexible, and easy-to-learn framework. Vue comes with a user manual and provides the best-performing JavaScript framework.


Ember was one of the first generation frameworks and its use has declined due to new generation frameworks. Ember use model-view-View model pattern which helps developers in data binding. With ember, project managers can easily assess their project. The benefit of Vue is that it provides developers with everything that they may need to execute their plans.


Like Ember, Backbone has lost popularity among developers due to new generation frameworks. Backbone provides a simple and flexible structure for front-end applications. It uses HTML, CSS, and browsers to develop web platforms. The main benefit of Backbone is that it is a stable framework since the developer has refused to update it to accommodate modern features.


Meteor is the least known framework for JavaScript in the market today. Meteor is a simple, flexible, and easy-to-use framework. Beginners find it easy to learn Meteor because of its simple user interface. Meteor has a promising future due to the flexibility.

In conclusion, frameworks have flooded the market, and choosing the above six does not mean the others have no significant use. Developers are free to choose any framework depending on the level of competence they have.