Changes in .Net Languages

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The reality today is that .Net language is changing, as observed by Microsoft and various blogs. Programmers who deal with C# and F# are happy about the shift, but on the other side, it will negatively impact on Visual Basic. Not only the negative impact but also the shift will impact the future of .Net language.

 The importance of Visual Basic started as a development tool until Microsoft integrated and renowned .Net framework. Up to date, Visual Basic has maintained the top programming language, and Microsoft has benefited from it. Visual Basic allows software engineers to develop applications effectively and efficiently. Thanks to Microsoft for designing an incredible library that enables developers to come up with applications easily.

 The change to. Net

 Things started going awry when Microsoft integrated Visual Basic to .Net framework. Visual Basic code was not easy to change. Net framework, but Microsoft developers promised to synchronize Visual Basic and. Net framework. The initial goal of synchronization was to make C# part of Visual Basic to be developed simultaneously. Initially, it seemed like it was the right way to follow, but later Microsoft announced further changes.

 Significant changes in. Net Language

 According to Microsoft’s January and February blogs, it was clear that integration of Visual Basic with. Net framework was not in their plans. As evidenced by Visual Basic 15 and VB. Net, C# programming language is gaining popularity among developers while Visual Basic is declining. The increased popularity of C# is that it focuses on the development of web-based applications, while the decline of Visual Basic is the focus on outdated client-server apps.

 Meaning of the significant changes to developers

 Currently, developers do not need to bother about the changes or planning for them, but they will have to make choices on the changes in the future. In the future, developers will be anticipated to adopt C# for better programming. C# is known for its easy-to-use code, flexible and device compatibility. 

The other option for developers will be to come up with their Visual Basic code via. Net standard. Software developers who need to invest in software that is compatible with all devices will be forced to use C# and. Net Core. 

These two languages will provide developers with flexible and functional frameworks to design applications that are supported by the cloud.

 Software developers who are already using Visual Basic do not need to make abrupt changes but it is advisable to strategize. However, developers who need to shift to cloud and mobile-based applications must make an abrupt change. Soon, Visual Basic will be of no use due to the emergence of C#.

 In conclusion, due to the increased demand for quality software in the market, C# has come out to be the best choice for software developers. Though change is inevitable, programmers will be forced to make changes to satisfy their ego. Since C# has unlimited benefits over Visual Basic, integrating the two is the biggest challenge programmers will face in the programming journey.