12 Highly Recommended React Tools for Front-end Development

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Being a common JavaScript library, React JS takes its place within the development process as a front-end tool. Choosing React, one of JavaScript’s highly utilized frameworks, is a popular choice among developers as well. But there are other React-related or influenced tools developers can use when making websites or apps.

Here are 12 highly recommended React tools for developers:

  1. Reactide

This is a framework that works across platforms, has a good visualization feature for its components, and incorporates a useful hot reload element.

  • React Developer Tools

Being a React JS library, React Developer Tools is open-sourced, has good performance when it comes to debugging, can track interactions, and allows developers to see source code.

  • React Cosmos

Specializing in the searching and implementing reusable elements areas, React Cosmos helps with strengthening the system. It also has tools within it such as a visual TDD, component library, and good rendering capabilities.

  • Storybook

Similar to React Cosmos, Storybook looks at the UI aspects of development and improving them. It’s open-sourced, requires no setup, and boosts the system’s performance speed.

  • React Bootstrap

Based on a CSS framework that uses some JavaScript functions, React Bootstrap has an easier learning curve, was reconstructed using React, and is highly accessible.

  • Evergreen

Evergreen is very flexible, easily implemented, adaptable, and has excellent composability. Additionally, it tries to account for changes in design elements.

  • Create React App

Made by Facebook, the Create React App enforces a type of structure to help developers construct solid products. It supports hooks within React, linting for TypeScript, and even lists for browsers.

  • React Styleguidist

This tool works best with its hot reload feature by narrowing a developer’s focus. They can work with specific areas and, using the hot reload, see how the entire thing will look. One of its best features is how easily it can be shared to other people, making it a great tool for development teams.

  • React Proto

React Proto attempts to find a balance between the specific development aspect (i.e. coding, frameworks, etc) and the design aspects. It employs a visualization function that’s easy to maneuver through—creating instant prototype models.

  • Rekit

This development tool contains JavaScript testing tools. Jest is the most popular and this framework was made primarily to test the elements of React. Rekit supports Angular, Vue, Node, TypeScript, and Babel as well.

  • React Sight

As its name implies, React Sight is a visualization tool. It helps developers see the layout of the apps they are making. React Developer Tools is a subfeature of Sight, which must be installed on Google Chrome as an extension to use Developer Tools with Sight features. Fortunately, Sight is cross-platform compatible, fast, and needs no setup.

  • React 360

Aiding best in the development of websites, React 360 gives developers features to be able to share their products across various platforms. It combines React with APIs, utilizes 3D elements (hence the name), has excellent performance, and allows developers to work with individual pixels.