Best Game Engines for Game Development

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Everybody loves gaming. I mean there is no better way to spend some time and have fun at the same time. Almost everybody played the megahits like GTA or Counter-Strike, and many others.

But the question is does someone thought how these games are made and what are they about? By reading this article you will find the answers to the following questions.

  • How long takes the development process for developing the game?
  • What is the meaning of Game Engine?
  • How can there be different games developed by the same engine and the same company?

What is the meaning of a Game engine?

A game engine is a tool to make the design of the games. This is software with all the tools that you need to build a great game. It also saves you time and a lot of money.

All the time when the games crash or lags we put the blame on the engine. But most of the time this is not true. These faults in the game are coming from bad codes in the programming.

Almost every big companies for gaming have their own game engines.

Pros of Game engine

  • You can make great design and audio with the game engine
  • You can build more efficiently and with less knowledge of the developers
  • It will save you a lot amount of time and money

Cons of Game engine

  • It has no use for small games
  • The process of debugging is very complex

The five components of a Game engine

The game engine consists of the following components:

  1. Main game program
  2. Rendering engine
  3. Audio engine
  4. Physics engine
  5. Artificial intelligence

Game development

Game development is the process when you make videos that can describe the design and the development process of the game. Usually, is made by a famous publishing company or by a small group of developers. Although people think this is an easy job we can assure you that is certainly not the case.

What is the role of gaming engines in game development?

The game engines give you the graphics and the sound so that developers can work on something else. It also gives you the tools you need for more efficient architecture. One of the most famous games in the world Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) was built with a gaming engine named RAGE.

These are some gaming engines for beginners:

  1. Buildox
  2. RPG maker
  3. Game maker studio 2
  4. Copper Cube 5

These are some of the top gaming engines:

  1. Unity (Temple Run, Assassin’s Creed Identity, Deus Ex: The Fall)
  2. Unreal (Unreal Tournament 2004, Deus Ex, Fortnite, Batman: Arkham City, Life is strange, Gears of war)
  3. Cry Engine (Far Cry, Crysis, Warface, Sniper 3


In this article, we showed you the best game engines in game development. All of these engines can provide you a great gaming experience. Which game engine you will like depends on what kind of experience you will have when playing the game. So don’t forget to enjoy and have fun while playing games.