7 Popular Computer Science Careers

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science industries are at the top of the list for the highest in-demand jobs. For people with degrees in Computer Science, that demand is likely to continue increasing. Degrees, whether they be bachelor’s or higher, can allow people to get paid more. However, not all jobs or companies are requiring them. It’s ultimately the skillset that companies are looking for.

But which careers are looking to hire more people? Here are the 7 most popular Computer Science careers:

  • Computer or Information Systems Manager

This job consists of planning and organizing tasks related to technology. These managers work with the company’s goals to make sure it reaches them. Education higher than a bachelor’s degree is typically required, however.

  • Database Administrator (DBA)

Organizational data should be available and secure for data scientists and analysts. Skills in managing databases are a must-have. Being able to problem-solve and analyze data is also essential.

  • Software Development Engineer (SDE)

The area of software development is one of the most popular in the Computer Science industry. These engineers build software and code it. A variety of industries uses SDEs, including large corporations like Amazon and Google or even small, startup businesses.

  • Information Security Analyst

Like its name, an Information Security Analyst protects the data within a company’s system. While the skills needed for this career could be learned over time, businesses often list a degree as an essential qualification.

  • Data Scientist

From analyses to predictive models to algorithms, this career focuses on taking data and modeling it for companies to use in their business plans. Science and data are combined to push a company forward.

  • Computer and Information Research Scientist

Using theoretical ideas, people in this career develop new technological products. They also improve current technology to fit modern concepts and advancements. Additionally, they can also create new programming languages and test their creations.

  • Software Developer

Software developers are among the most in-demand Computer Science careers. Application development is their specialty. Unlike the other careers on this list, companies looking for a software developer generally prefer some kind of degree or experience in a field that’s relevant to their business or the position available. This is typically in addition to a Computer Science degree.


The higher the education level, the more likely a person can obtain a financially stable career in the industry.

The Cybersecurity field of the Computer Science industry often puts a firm focus on higher education, such as a master’s degree. Careers in this field typically require more specific experience or skills, which aren’t taught to students seeking a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. Since this industry grows in demand every year, obtaining specialized or higher degrees could show an increased chance for stable careers.