Top C++ Certifications Developers Should Get

Photo by Liza Summer from Pexels

When applying for a job, seeking a promotion, or looking to further skillsets, having a college degree helps people stand out. However, with so many people having the same mindset, that quickly becomes normal for most candidates to obtain a degree. On the other hand, it takes at least two years to get an associate’s degree, and four years for a bachelor’s. As a candidate for employment, those degrees do help, but what if there was something else to get candidates to the top of the list?

In the technology industry, it could be the thing that lands a job. Developers must compete for jobs where there are more developers than there are jobs. Thus, having an edge is preferred. This is where certifications come into play. For developers, certifications in using programming languages is the best advantage. In particular, having knowledge of C++ will give candidates an edge.

Here are the top C++ certifications developers should get:

  1. Certified Professional Programmer (CPP) Certification

This is a second-tier certification and can only be obtained after getting a Certified Associate Programmer (CPA) Certification. Advanced concepts are taught in the course, the fee is just under $300 USD, and failed exams can be retaken after two weeks.

  • Star C++ Certification

Advanced topics such as input-output operations, data structures, and exception handling are taught prior to introducing basic functions of OOPS. It’s a single exam that takes around two hours to complete and is accepted as a valid certification across the world.

  • “From Beginner to Beyond” course from Udemy

The course is extensive and covers the simple to complex concepts of C++. It’s also self-paced, doesn’t require prerequisite courses, and has over 40 hours of video information to watch.

  • Certified Associate Programmer (CPA) Certfication

A prerequisite to the CPP Certification, this certificate indicates a developer understands how to use C++ on a basic level. Obtaining this certificate also shows that he or she can code programs on their own with at least minimalistic understanding of the program.

  • Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) Certification

The distinguished college, the University of Washington, offers this certification as an 8-month class. It builds with the foundations of C++ and teaches up to very advanced concepts. However, an understanding of programming languages combined with a higher experience level of two years in programming is required in order to take the program.


Knowledge of programming languages is crucial for all developers. Technology itself is built on them and highly-experienced developers can earn over $100,000 a year. The top jobs using programming languages like C++ are video game programmers and designers, software engineers, and C++ programmers. Earning certificates, particularly those from top-accredited colleges or companies, can boost a developer’s potential to be hired. They also potentially add to the experience developers have, even if he or she possesses little to no professional work experience. C++ has been a language that remains at the top of the most-used development tools and is likely to stay there for a while. Thus, obtaining one of the mentioned certificates would be an advantage for any candidate.