3 IT Job Search Techniques That Attract a Recruiter's Interest

Photo by Windows on Unsplash

Are you looking for your next IT position? Use these professional techniques to set yourself apart from the throng and obtain your ideal IT job.

There is a scarcity of IT talent. If you’re a developer or data scientist, you might believe you’re in charge of most jobs. While supply and demand play a factor, it is still critical to stand out early in the process for top IT positions. Here are three approaches.

Be creative, but tailor your strategy to your specific needs.

It’s fantastic to think outside the box, but sometimes originality for the sake of creativity won’t get the job done. Don’t waste your time creating a one-of-a-kind portfolio if it isn’t tailored to your desired position. Determine the profile of your desired employment and tailor your creativity to what the company is searching for.

For example, consider the following: A candidate seeking a job at Airbnb built a customized website that matched the company’s main page some years ago. She presented a strong argument for Airbnb to expand more aggressively into the Middle East, and she outlined how she might help make this happen. This is a fantastic combination of creativity and customization. Her résumé was more than just a list of her skills and accomplishments; it was a personal argument for why she should be hired at Airbnb.

Seek out possibilities in unlikely locations

Always be alert and on the lookout for possibilities that your peers may not be aware of. So that when you discover them, you’ve already left an impact on them. Remember that recruitment is the process of filtering out talent for hiring managers to discover the best fit. I’ve seen a lot of creative recruitment tactics accomplish this by just lurking in plain sight. Google, for example, has sought to pre-screen candidates in the past by putting billboards with complicated questions on them. A concealed URL to the job advertisement is the solution to the problem. If you can identify and address the problem, you could get the job.

Google also rewards inquisitive brains. For example, if you input a sequence of computer science-related search terms, such as “Raft consensus,” Google will occasionally offer you a command line running on a virtual machine. Simply said, if you ask Google the appropriate questions, it will reward you with a technical challenge to determine whether you are a suitable fit.

Act and think as if you already have the job

Finally, when you do talk with a recruiter, ask questions that are not conventional. Please don’t focus on benefit inquiries since it will imply that you care more about what the job can provide you than what you can give to the employer.

Spend a few hours before the interview believing you already got the job. What information would you need to perform the task more effectively? What inefficiencies are there that might lead to bottlenecks? In short, begin debugging before speaking with a hiring manager.

Recruiters may not be aware of all job details, and in certain situations, they may send you to the hiring manager. But this is a positive sign: it means you’re thinking clearly and deserve another talk. Bring ideas to the recruiter interview. Provide three things you would accomplish on day one. Take them through the strategic developments you’ve noticed in the industry and explain how they’ll affect your own approach. Make sure to mix in a few strategies as well.

Turn some heads

You’ve probably seen a TV commercial or show in which a beautiful individual turns everyone’s head. What attribute captures the interest of the audience? Conventional wisdom may suggest appearance, but I believe it is something more profound: confidence. Although appearance might inspire confidence, those who stroll down the street confidently are the ones who turn heads.

Replace your appearance with abilities to attract the attention of tech recruiters – but maintain your confidence. Do big, audacious actions that directly target your ideal role, seek chances everywhere, and act as if you already have it. It’s time to turn some heads!