Top 10 JavaScript UI Libraries

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JavaScript UI library and framework enable web developers to quickly build a clean, easy, consistent, and user-friendly interface. More than 10,000 JavaScript UI libraries are available for web developers today. But the question of which is the best among them arises. Most web developers take tons of time and energy to search for the best JavaScript UI library.

The best method to go for on the leading ideal library is by knowing the goals and business needs, trying to find ready-made components based on business requirements, shortlisting the most important and comprehensive, creating an inventory of parts, identifying functionality, and after that selecting the one out of all. Several JavaScript UI libraries are available, which gives paid services, and a few offer free trials.

10 Best JavaScript UI library

We will assist you by suggesting among them the best 10 JavaScript UI libraries, which are stated below.

1. Angular Material

Angular MaterialAngular Material offers Material style components like Cards, grids, Side Nav, Dialog, Lists, and others. Angular Material with Angular Flex-Layout can be easily paired. Therefore it offers different UI components, high-performance outcomes, complex customized components, and a committed community. Angular Material also allows enterprise development which is an intensive part of the external customer page, mobile application, and website.

2. NGX Bootstrap

NGX BootstrapNGX Bootstrap enables all sorts of core bootstrap components that the web developers need to make a web application. It operates well on both Mobile phones and also Desktops for Angular powers it. NGX Bootstrap allows the mixing of Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 components using Angular. Varied Angular UI components present in NGX Bootstrap include Pagination, Rating, Alerts, Buttons, Sortable, Tabs, Tooltip, and more.


It provides JavaScript UI libraries focusing on project management that enable web developers to significantly simplify the method of building cross-browser and cross-platform web apps for various industries. Due to high performance and the power to process 10000+ tasks, DHTMLX UI components like Gantt and Scheduler meet the requirement of huge businesses that work with massive amounts of data.

All DHTMLX products include different customization options, allowing customers to regulate DHTMLX-based solutions to their requirements. So also, DHTMLX libraries are compatible with the significantly popular JS frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue.js.

4. Webix

Webix is a JavaScript UI library that assists in hastening the method of web development. It enables the building of high-performance responsive web UI for complex and advanced business web applications.

Ready-made SPA applications that can be integrated into any solution are widgets like Kanban, File Manager, SpreadSheet, Scheduler, and Pivot, all provided by Webix.

Webix offers cross-browser compatibility, which enables it to run along with different other JavaScript UI libraries. It also shows visible compatibility and allows integration with Angular and Backbone easily.

5. Base web

The Base web majorly offers highly efficient components for web developers, including a date picker, low-level compostable primitives, and other web components that help maximize the highly efficient web application. The most frequently used UI library in the industry is Uber which was developed by The Base web.

6. Material UI

The Material UI library encompases all the components and template features made by Google’s material design guidelines. This makes it an instrumental React element. The extra features of Material UI entail application buttons, bars, cards, badges, dialog boxes, menus, icons, and more. Nevertheless, the React themes and templates allow the creation of custom color themes for the application, which are recognizable and acceptable by the people with ease. This enables web developers to create a replacing web application in no time.

7. Evergreen

Evergreen UI has different React components that are ideal for creating an enterprise-grade-based web application. It is very beneficial and flexible for web developers as it brings about a good range of parts and tools. Features and tools offered by Evergreen UI include basic layouts, dropdowns, toggles, icons, and more. You can take in any element at any time. 

8. Rebase

A React primitive UI element that is built using the new age conventions, and styling process are Rebase. This has brought in 8 new significant components and eight new sub-components that increase its style, properties, and features. Rebase support is very responsive and enables accessible theme-style functions. It features styled system props, mobile-first responsive styles with array-based syntax, flexbox layout, and few footprints of just 4KB.

9. Grommet

The grommet is one of the essential and widely used JavaScript UI libraries that support multinational companies like Netflix and Boeing. Web developers can make use of grommet on mobile phones for making design layouts. Different theme tools, types, and configurations are available.

10. VMware Clarity

As per the UX guidelines, VM Clarity allows straightforward design and styles. It helps the HTML and CSS Framework and Angular components that could practically all be rolled in one. VMware Clarity allows exceptional and out-of-the-box UX features, which entails the functionality of the Material library. Thus, it is a clean, modern, and excellent support JavaScript UI library.


This article of the top 10 best JavaScript UI libraries will help you move further in your way of developing web applications. Thus, if you have any questions, queries, or comments, kindly reply in the following.