Best HTML Certifications to Become a Web Developer

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There are three languages that the whole web UI is based on; HTML, CSS, and JS. In order to become a web developer, the first step to take involves acquiring knowledge about HTML. Learning HTML is easy, as one can actually learn it by enrolling in good HTML courses and tutorials.

One of the best things you can do for yourself in this ever-growing digital age is to be distinct, and this distinction can be achieved by certification. 

Best HTML Certifications

Before we go into details, let’s list the 9 best HTML certifications that you need to become a web developer

  1. Responsive Web Design Certification
  2. Exam 70-480 by Microsoft
  3. CP450 – HTML 5.0
  4. HTML Certification From CanCanIT
  5. Certification Course for Beginners
  6. HTML, CSS and JS for Web Developers
  7. Introduction to Web Design and Development
  8. Front End Web Developer Professional Certificate Program
  9. Web Design for Everybody

Responsive Web Design Certification This course is free, and it is also self-paced. It is from This complete course on web design has a duration of 300 hours. It’s taught in English, and the course doesn’t require any prerequisites. 

  • Exam 70-480 by Microsoft 

To study this course, a previous experience of about one year working with JavaScript, HTML, and possession of basic knowledge in programming is required. Microsoft Visual Studio is made use of in this course. It’s an online course that costs about $165. English, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, and Portuguese are the languages used in this course. The learning process is self-paced. An instructor leads the training, and videos are sometimes used. 

  • CP450 – HTML 5.0 

This is a widely recognized Certification that is provided by the National Computer Science Academy (NCSA). It’s a basic course. The English language is made use of in this course. It’s a free course that requires a programming experience in HTML. The course lasts for about six months. 

  • HTML Certification From CanCanIT 

HTML5 is used in providing this certification. The company can also offer group certification. There are no prerequisites. This certification has won several awards, and it also holds full recognition.

  • Certification Course for Beginners 

This course is from Udemy and is particularly meant for beginners. Many big companies recognize this course. There are no prerequisites, and it’s a self-paced course. The cost is dependent on the offer available.

  • HTML, CSS and JS for Web Developers 

This certificate course provides basic knowledge about essential tools that are needed for the coding of web pages. This Coursera certification is self-paced. It runs for about 28 hours and is available in both English and Korean language. The cost of the course is based on Coursera plans. There are monthly payments plans on Coursera. There are no prerequisites.

  • Introduction to Web Design and Development 

This is a self-paced downloadable introductory course from LinkedIn. There are no prerequisites needed, and a certificate obtained from this course can be easily added to your LinkedIn profile.

  • Front End Web Developer Professional Certificate Program 

This course allows for the mastering of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. This course is from edX, which is provided by W3C. This is a professional program that has about five courses that are taught in English. It’s either you pay $199 per course or $895.5 for all the classes. The duration of the course is about 4-6 hours. The basic level doesn’t require any prerequisite, but the advanced and intermediate levels require basic CSS, HTML, and JS knowledge.

  • Web Design for Everybody

This certification is from Coursera and has about five courses, all taught in English, and it has levels ranging from basic to advanced. The duration for the course is 6 months, and the cost is the monthly fee charged by Coursera.