Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Elixir Programming Language in 2022

Photo by Josefa nDiaz on Unsplash

Chances are if you’ve heard of companies like JavaScript, Erlang, Python, GoLang, or C++, to have also heard of Elixir. While so many eager developers seek after the Elixir program language, people also want to understand the ins and outs as to why it has become one of the most popular after program languages.

Since its release by Rail Core Teams member and ruby developer Jose Valim in 2011, Elixir has emerged as one of the more popular programming languages. Many people believe this is partly due to the low-latency and high-concurrency attributes implemented. Elixir is generally used as the primary program language for platforms with a heavy workload.  

Let’s dive into some key reasons you should choose Elixir as your must-learn language of 2022.  

7 Reasons to Make Elixir your next language to Learn-2022

  • Able to enjoy yourself

Elixir allows users to enjoy themselves and have a good time, which has caused a great deal of popularity. Elixir is very similar to products such as Erlang and Ruby, which offer flexibility and structure.

Elixir is unchanging in nature, allowing programmers to familiarize themselves and get accustomed to how things operate. Most of the time, programmers are frustrated when entering codes since the slightest error will cause the function to fail. Elixir flows with ease and is user-friendly.

  • Functions with today’s demands

Elixir is relatively new to the market but is steadily increasing in popularity. This is largely due to the simplicity the program operates. This allows Elixir to handle the number of users it has with ease. Running on Beam VM, multiple tasks can be completed simultaneously, making for an easier task when programming.

  • Good for the community¬†

The Elixir community is growing at a steady rate. The small community has turned into quite a group of supporters. At this point, Elixir is still a very promising growth rate and doesn’t appear as if drops in interest are to be expected.

All around the world, Elixir hosts seminars, and other events to spread the word about the product. 

Elixir has tried to spread awareness of its product with appearances at Code Elixir, LDN, EMPEX, Gig City Elixir, and ElixirConf. Programmers in Europe and the U.S. have shown a great deal of interest.

  • The sky is the limit.

Elixir has become accepted by programmers at a very fast rate. It has been implemented by a few major businesses such as Moz, Pinterest, and Bleacher Report. Elixir is also associated with Pepsico, the Financial Times, and Toyota Connected. As a result of some of these significant names using Elixir, it was the preferred programming language overall. Elixir is expected to continue to grow, and we should see an increase in jobs available.

  • Not overly sensitive

The slightest error will cause the entire system to fail with most programming languages. But, Elixir is known for not allowing minor details to stop the whole program. Network issues and bugs have no effect on Elixir as a whole. This changes the entire mood when using Elixir. Most programs are not like Elixir, and this is a major point to set them apart.  

  • Tools for the trade

Tools make life easier is a common concept. It is no different in programming languages. Elixir is well ahead of the game with its access to tools like Phoenix LiveView, which allows programmers to change the coding in real-time without using other sources, making Elixir more effective.

Another great language is python. But, if you’re looking for ease of programming and overall smooth functions, Elixir must be your choice. Python may have a great library, but Elixir outdoes it with its tools.

  • Increase “Vocabulary”

Utilizing tools such as Phoenix allows the programmer to increase knowledge of other languages to increase their “vocabulary”. Elixir is thought to overall expand the users’ abilities.  

All different walks of life have used Elixir and given good reviews. It has become a preferred language, and most would agree that it allows the programmers to better their performance, thus furthering their career.

Elixir is the best overall programming language. It is said to be easy to learn and use in day-to-day operations. Being built in addition to Erlang and Ruby, it functions well and is user-friendly. Most people learn the basics of the language within a week and never look back. The fact is, Elixir is increasing in popularity and is here to stay.