The Best Web Development Certification Programs in 2022

Photo by TheStandingDesk on Unsplash

In the world of tech, the demand for web developers keeps increasing regularly. In addition to the competitive salary that is attached to the profession, there are lots of opportunities that a career in this path offers. 

If you have made up your mind to thread this web development path and are looking for courses that’d suit your needs, then this article is for you. We’ll overview eight certification programs in web development that are the best in town right now. These includes: 

  1. AcadGild
  2. BrainStation
  3. Cornell
  4. General Assembly
  5. Thinkful
  6. CareerFoundry
  7. Ironhack
  8. Springboard
  • AcadGild Full-Stack Web Development Training Certification

This is an online certification course for beginners and professionals. The course runs for about 10 weeks, with each week having about 10-15 hours of lecture, and costs about $2,499 USD. The entirety of the course is taken online, with live sessions of about 70 hours, and the students are left to study independently. The course is designed to benefit those with and those without a technical background.

  • BrainStation Online Web Development Diploma 

It is an online course that is ideal for beginners who already possess some CSS and HTML knowledge. It’s a full-time course that lasts for about 12 weeks and costs about $14,500 USD. A prep course is administered prior to acceptance, and applicants are required to complete it. Hence, the need for prior knowledge. 

  • Cornell Web Design and Development Certificate Program 

It is an online course that is ideal for people interested in front-end development. It’s a 3 months course, at a weekly pace of about 7-10 hours. It costs approximately $3,600. Front-end development is combined with web design in this course. The approach used in this course is a “design first, code second” approach, where students are first taught how to ensure the content of a website is well structured, considering your audience’s needs while making informed design decisions before any coding is done. 

  • General Assembly Software Engineering Immersive 

It’s an online course for beginners that lasts for 12 weeks at a weekly pace of about 40 hours. It costs about $14,950 USD. Prerequisites aren’t required in this course. Although it’s expensive, it is worth the ride, as it ensures that students who partake in the course are well equipped with all the skills they need to become a web developer. 

  • Thinkful Engineering Immersion Program 

Having a price of about $16,000 USD, it’s one of the most expensive options. It’s also a very intensive online course ideal for beginners and individuals interested in changing careers. It’s a 5 months course that runs at a weekly pace of 50-60 hours. 

  • CareerFoundry Full-Stack Web Development Certification Program

This is also an online course for beginners and individuals that are seeking to change careers. It lasts for a period of 3.5 months at a weekly pace of 15 hours to 7 months at a weekly pace of 15 hours. It costs about $6,900 USD. 

  • Ironhack Web Development Bootcamp 

This is also an online course for career changers and beginners that lasts for 9 weeks on a full-time basis and 24 weeks on a part-time basis. It costs about $12,000 USD.

  • Springboard Software Engineering Career Track

This is an online course designed for career changes that have some basic knowledge of JavaScript. It lasts for 36 weeks at a weekly pace of 20 hours and costs about $8,500 USD. 

Now that you’ve been exposed to about eight of the best certificate programs in this field, you should be able to make your choice based on your budget and the mode of study that you prefer.