How Popular is Vue.js in 2022?

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Vue is a popular JS framework, and it’s easy to see why, with 184K stars on Github, surpassing even React and Angular, with 168K and 73.5K stars, respectively. Vue is used by organizations such as Gitlab, Alibaba, Xiaomi, Adobe, Euronews, Nintendo, Grammarly, and Codeship.

What’s the deal with Vue.js’ ubiquity?

Because of its great flexibility, improved performance, and ease of integration with existing apps and component libraries, many developers are switching from React and Angular to Vuejs. In addition, Vue allows developers to modify and integrate common functionality that every app requires quickly.

Vue.js’ growing popularity can be attributed to the several benefits it provides to its users.

  • The most significant features of the Angular and React JavaScript frameworks are combined. It’s a component-driven front-end framework that, like Angular, has integration features, great performance, and simple template syntax. At the same time, it incorporates the JavaScript library React’s state management, reactive data binding, and virtual DOM rendering principles.
  •  Provides developers with a lot of freedom.
  •  At the same time, it comes with a slew of pre-installed settings. This implies Vuejs will automate typical operations to save time during development.
  •  It has a very gentle learning curve. This JavaScript framework can be learned by beginners in a couple of days, and experienced developers can swiftly adopt it.
  •  It’s small and light, and it doesn’t take up a lot of room. However, it makes no compromises in terms of functionality. It comes with plugins and third-party libraries that can handle any front-end application.
  •  Its ecosystem is extremely well-defined. Vuejs boosts developer productivity by providing a strong command-line interface.
  •  A server-side renderer, a webpack loader, and a state management library are among the other sophisticated features in its ecosystem.
  •  It is scalable. Depending on the needs of the web project, it can be utilized as a library or a framework.
  • .Vue js has also gained a large community following in a short period. In the event of an issue, you may obtain rapid help from professionals via GitHub, Discord, and discussion boards.
  •  It’s supported by some of the most popular code editors, including Atom, Sublime Text, and Visual Studio Code. With JavaScript code editors, you may use this popular framework.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Vue.js?

Vue.js is a dynamic JavaScript front-end framework that allows you to create interactive user interfaces (UI). Developers can use the framework to create single-page apps, robust websites, and even desktop and mobile apps. Vuejs is a progressive, simple, portable, and incredibly lightweight web application framework.

Is it worthwhile to use Vue.js?

Vue is a fantastic framework for helping developers create dynamic, user-centric online apps. It’s small, simple to learn, adaptable, and modular, and it comes with a strong ecosystem. The framework employs Virtual DOM, declarative rendering, and two-way data binding to improve the web app’s performance and speed.


Vue.js is one of 2021’s most popular front-end JavaScript frameworks. It features a more gradual learning curve and gives developers more flexibility.