Five Reasons Why Scala is Worth Learning

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Stackoverflow has ranked Scala among the 10 most popular programming languages for 2021. Why do we believe Scala is worth it?

How Does Scala Work?

Multi-paradigm, functional programming language Scala combines functional coding with object-oriented programming. In complex applications, its static type system prevents bugs through a concise expression of common programming patterns. JVM and JavaScript runtimes enable high-performance systems to access a wide range of libraries.

How useful will Scala be in 2022?

In addition to paying well, Scala developer demand is high. Scala developers in the United States earn an average salary of $139,292, according to ZipRecruiter. According to LinkedIn, there are over 24 000 Scala jobs with an average salary of $100,000 currently.

Here are five reasons you should learn Scala

▪ JAVA Compatibility

Java libraries can be utilized directly from Scala code in the Scala programming language. Therefore, parts of your program can be written in Scala and the rest in Java.

▪  Language capable of multiple paradigms

It supports a wide range of programming paradigms, including object-oriented and functional. You can learn one language from each paradigm, such as logical, functional, OOP, and imperative.

▪ Typing statically

Without running a program, static typing helps you detect programming errors quickly, automatically, and reliably. In contrast, dynamic typing produces errors once the program is run. In this way, you can debug and test your code more efficiently and save time.

▪  An Easy Syntax

Scala is likened to a scripting language because of its clean and concise code. The ability to create clean and concise code allows a Scala developer to work more efficiently and productively.

▪ Improved efficacy and productivity

The result is less code to write, faster project completion, fewer bugs early in the development cycle, and, a better end-user experience.

Free Ways to Learn Scala

Online schools offer Scala classes for free. Nearly 60 percent of respondents in a Stackoverflow poll said they learned to code online. As well, you have plenty of options, from MOOCs to boot camps.  

What are the benefits of learning Scala? 

There are proven benefits to learning Scala. At the same time, you will master two different paradigms. You can take advantage of Scala’s array of features to improve your productivity.

Common questions

Is Java code usable in Scala?

Due to the high compatibility between Scala and Java, combining them is not an issue.

Scala or Python?

There is a greater demand for Python, and it pays more. As for Scala, it’s statically typed, so you can find errors more quickly, but you must define objects. Python does not require you to specify objects, but you may run into errors after executing your program.

Can Scala be learned in a short time?

If you don’t know Java, learning Scala takes two to three months. Java users can learn Scala in one month. 

Does Scala require much learning?

Those who know Java can learn Scala quickly. If you don’t know Java, familiarity with popular programming languages such as C, C++, or Python will help you understand Scala concepts fast.