2022's Top React Component Libraries

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The ReactJS JavaScript library from Facebook has grown a lot since its launch in 2013. With easy-to-use libraries, developers have created some incredibly beautiful user interfaces.

These are some of the great libraries that are available right now. 

How does a React Component Library work?

Set of elements displayed in a prominent way and allowing users to browse and preview those elements. The React group is also steadily growing as more React packages are created to improve various aspects of working with React.

What are the best ones?

  • Material UI

With Material UI, developers have access to several clean, tidy, and highly customizable components. Additionally, they have access to a number of interesting ready-to-use components that can be directly integrated into their applications. As of right now, it has over 64,000 stars on Github.

Materials-UI components do not pollute the global scope and don’t require additional setup.  

  • Ant Design

There are more than 60 high-quality React components available from Ant Design, including layout, navigation, and data entry. Their design ethos is reflected in their components, which are well-designed and well-thought-out. Ant Design offers web-friendly versions that produce mobile apps for React developers.

  • React Bootstrap

With Bootstrap, you can build UI elements for mobile and web applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It includes a complete redesign of React and its components but does not include bootstrap.js or jQuery. It’s fully compatible with tons of Bootstrap themes already available. As well, there are several components for complete control over each one.

It’s also possible to import individual components like react-bootstrap/Button rather than the entire library. This simple trick will result in much less code being sent to the client since you’ll only be selecting the components you use.

  • React Virtualized

React Virtualized focuses on tabular data, as one of the unique React components libraries. Utilizing components such as lists, tables, grids, and collections, developers can render large quantities of data using React Virtualized. You can use it at any time to make your tables a bit more user-friendly. This library is ideal for companies that communicate with many clients.

  • Semantic UI React

With semantically-friendly and concise code, the Semantic UI JavaScript framework helps programmers create engaging and intuitive layouts effortlessly. The library itself is the most popular component library for the Semantic UI web development framework.

  • Blueprint UI

In the same way that all the new data-heavy desktop and web apps are developing UIs, Blueprint UI React takes a similar approach. This UI toolkit uses React to create a complex, data-dense interface designed for desktop applications. All the components are pre-configured and have been designed to offer usability standards. The user also has access to light and dark themes.

  • Evergreen

Using Evergreen, you can build ambitious web apps. Components in the Evergreen family are built on top of React UI Primitives for endless reusability, scalability, and flexibility. Segment developed it to build enterprise-grade web applications.

  • Chakra UI

It is simple, highly modular, and provides developers with all the foundation for the UI. The convenience of Chakra UI’s components makes it a perfect React component library with style props. Chakra is the most popular React component library for style props because of its convenient component styling capabilities, which allow for much better control over the customization process.

To sum up

There’s a lot to learn about React. You should go through the React Learning Path if you are new to it. It is crucial to determine the project requirements before choosing a React component library. When you know what your requirements are, choosing a library becomes easier. Alternatively, if you’re a business, and are trying to do a project as quickly as possible, you can hire an experienced and highly qualified React Developer.